The ultimate gym accessory

Blogtober Day 9

Lately, I’ve rejoined my local gym as well as Weight Watchers with the aim to shift some pounds before my birthday in December. Blue Frog¬†offers a range of gym projects including sweat towels. I was sent the Sport Towel Pro¬†and was so excited when it arrived with this gorgeous pattern because even though I’m rubbish in the gym, at least now I can look the part!

The Sport Towel Pro has two zipped pockets which are perfect for your phone and keys whilst you’re working out. In the past I’ve been known to leave my keys on a machine and not realised until it was time to go so this is a total game changer for me.

With two different fabrics that make up the towel, one side can be used to wipe away your sweat and the other can be used to wipe down the gym machines. It sounds gross but it’s very handy!

The features don’t finish there. The towel also has an elasticated loop so that you can wrap it up and pop it in your gym bag or hang it from a machine so that it doesn’t have to go on the floor.

Blue Frog Blue Frog 1

*This product was gifted to me in exchange for a review however the thoughts and opinions are my own.