My travel wish list…get me to Barbados!

After recently sharing my favourite holidays so far, I thought it was only right to share my dream destinations. With the aim of travelling as much as I can I’ve been researching weekends away in Italy, vacation rentals in Barbados and sightseeing trips to Budapest.

The world is a huge place and sometimes I find trying to plan my travels slightly overwhelming. There’s so many places I want to visit and unfortunately, there’s not a never ending budget or length of time to accompany it. Hard life ‘ey? As much as I’d love to see everything, visit everywhere and experience everything, it’s not going to happen. I’m a realist. So, I’ve decided to pull together a list of 10 places that I really want to visit. Not only because it’s good to dream but also I also love a list that I can see as a target to achieve.

1. Barbados – Barbados has been on my travel wish list for a long time now, even more so after spending two weeks in the Dominican Republic. Quite a few of my friends and family have visited in the past and have only had amazing things to say about the place. One of the things that I’ve heard a lot about Barbados is the relaxed atmosphere and it is this that attracts me. It’s no secret that when I’m on holiday my favourite thing to do is laze around in the sun and chill out so what could be better than doing this in a chilled environment? Not only this but when I take one look at some of the private rentals available in Barbados, I immediately start imagining the group holidays and endless party possibilities.

2. Italy – Italy is next on my travel wish list and it’s in my plans to go there this year. I’m yet to decide on which part to visit because when doing my research, it all looks equally as beautiful. As well as the country being nothing short of beautiful, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t the food and drink that’s attracting me the most. Pizza, pasta, ice cream, wine…all my favourite things!

3. Maldives – The Maldives speaks for itself and is the ultimate honeymoon destination (although it’s years, and years, and maybe even a few more years away). But still, a girl can dream and plan ahead right? I’m not usually the romantic type but the Maldives seems like the perfect holiday with plenty of privacy and time to relax after what I can expect is a busy lead up to planning a wedding.

4. California – California has been on my list for a long time. In fact, if you look at my secondary school year book I’m pretty sure that I wrote in 10 years time I’d be married to a rich man and living in California. Apparently, 16 year old Meg thought this was what mattered in life. 21 year old Meg is the first to admit that she’d never even leave Essex as she would miss her family far too much. As for being married to a rich man? I’m happy with Liam thanks and who knows…we might even win the lottery one day! Anyway, although the dream is no longer living there, it’s still a dream to visit and explore.

5. Budapest – Budapest is another nearby city that’s on the list. It might sound ridiculous but it was definitely George Ezra’s song that inspired this one. Not necessarily the lyrics but it’d never been on my radar before. Since then I’ve been seeing picture after picture on my Instagram feed from those who have visited and the jealousy hits me every time. Although I’m usually one who enjoys a relaxing break lounging by the pool, the history and sights in Budapest are worth sacrificing being lazy for.

6. Seychelles – They Seychelles speaks for itself. Just one look at images online and it’s pretty obvious why this would be on my travel wish list. My Grandma spent Christmas there this year and from what she’s told me, it’s everything that I want in a destination. With loads of beaches, beautiful blue water and nature reserves full of amazing animals, it sounds like heaven to me.

7. New Zealand – I have family over in New Zealand and have only had the chance to meet them a couple of times because of the distance. The times which I have met them have been over here in England so a visit to New Zealand is definitely on the cards for me. Not only to visit my family but New Zealand looks beautiful with so many amazing places to explore. Because of the long distance I’d want to go for at least three or four weeks so this travel experience might be one which happens further in the future. Never the less, I’m determined for it to happen at some point.

8. France – Just a short distance away by plane, ferry and even train, France is a must for me and I feel like if I don’t visit there at least once then I’m wasting the opportunity as it’s so close. I’d definitely need to do some more research before going to decide exactly where I would want to visit as I’m interested in both Paris and the South of France. So, if anyone has any tips or recommendations, lemme’ know!

So there it is, my top eight destinations that I want to visit. Don’t get me wrong, there is loads more that are all on the list but if I carry on any more this post will go on forever. So…can I book my flight to Barbados now please?

Where is on your travel wish list?


*Image taken from Unsplash.

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