My top three holidays so far

For Christmas one of my presents was a scratch map. Basically, it’s a map of the world and you scratch off all of the places you’ve visited. As someone who loves to travel, this is the perfect present for me and left me desperate to book more holidays. It led me to thinking about the holidays I’ve been on and what I’ve loved about these locations so I thought I’d share my top three…

1 – Dominican Republic¬†– If I’m honest, this holiday beats any that I’ve been on so far. We went for two weeks on an all inclusive basis and upgraded to VIP. The service we received as well as the food we spent 14 days indulging in was nothing short of excellent. We didn’t actually leave the beach resort over the two weeks because it had everything that we needed there. Sea canoes, plenty of pools, a stunning beach, clear water and plenty of other activities…what more could we want?

2 – Hurghada, Egypt –¬†I’ve been to Hurghada twice now, once in January and once in June and it was the reliable weather that attracted me both times. I love love love hot weather and with hot weather guaranteed pretty much all year around, it’s the perfect location for me. Hurghada has loads of beautiful hotels to choose from at really reasonable prices, click here to find some.

3 – Dublin, Ireland –¬†Dublin is less of a holiday location and more of a short getaway/break but there’s no way I could write a post about my top locations without including it. Dublin is the city that well and truly stole my heart. With a never-ending supply of alcohol, the friendliest locals and the best live music, Dublin is a brilliant location to get away for a celebratory weekend with friends. Whilst the food and drink in Dublin may be on the pricier side, the cheaper flights definitely make up for it.


holidays - Dominican Republic Sunset

*This post is in collaboration with Holiday Gems.