Something big has happened…

Today, I am super excited to share the news that we have finally exchanged on our first home!

It has been a long, and sometimes painful, journey but we are now so close and the finishing line is in site. For those of you that haven’t followed the journey, we first put an offer in for a house at the start of October last year. However in December, this sale, unfortunately, fell through.

We then found a little home that we loved in a small village just outside of Colchester at the end of December and had an offer accepted on this at the start of January. Since then we’ve had a whole host of delays for various reasons. However, today is the day that it’s all finally starting to feel real.

We are due to complete and get the keys on Friday 2 June and I can not wait to share plenty of pictures and stories with you as we make our house a home.

*Image taken from Google, you can shop this item here.