Skincare: Happiness in a bottle

Skincare is something that I’ve become a lot more interested over the past few months. I thought I’d hit the jackpot when I was the only one of my friends who wasn’t breaking out in spots growing up. Turns out, I wasn’t as lucky as I thought and the buggers have started showing up over the past year. So, in an attempt to combat the spots and to also try and look after my skin now so that my 50 year old self will thank my young self, I’ve been showing my skin some love.

As part of my skincare journey I’ve been discovering new brands including Tri-Dosha and its facial oil, happiness in a bottle. If I’m honest, the name of the oil itself was enough to win me over, it’s so cute and just makes me instantly have a feeling that it’s going to brighten my skin, which it has! I’ve never used facial oils before, I’ve always worried that I’m going to be left with an oily gross feeling on my skin that won’t budge. However, I’ve been proven wrong. Once massaged in, the oil sinks straight in and instead of a greasy feeling, leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling amazing…result!

Happiness in a bottle is made up of essential oils including evening primrose, frankincense and rose geranium and smells insane. The smell instantly makes me think of a cottage type garden full of flowers so the name happiness in a bottle is very apt. I’ve been cleansing every night and morning, applying this facial oil and then using Clinique’s moisture surge and I think I’ve finally cracked the routine that my skin needs.

This facial oil costs £39 for 30ml which might seem like a lot but you literally need a maximum of three drops to cover your neck and face and trust me, I have a big face so if that’s enough for me I’m sure it’ll be enough for everyone else!

Happiness in a bottle facial oil

*This post is in partnership with Tri-Dosha.