We can all do our bit to save the planet

Full disclosure before you get stuck in to this blog post: I am not perfect, in fact very far from it. There are many, many parts of my lifestyle which need to change and I am working on these. I am not saying you HAVE to do any of the things included in this blog post but if you’d like to then that’s fab for our planet.

When I started out blogging I made a promise to myself that I’d use it as a platform to help others or at least make a difference somehow. Whether this be through raising awareness of conditions like mine, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and also helping others also suffering, supporting small businesses to increase sales or helping small charities to gain awareness. So, here I am to talk about how all of us have been pretty selfish and how we could be a little less selfish.

Like I said at the start, I am very far from perfect. Up until recently I’ve been ignorant to the problems that our planet faces. I’ve lived with the attitude of “who cares what chemicals I’m putting in my body” or “my one bottled water won’t make any difference to our ocean” and even “eating meat is fine because I just don’t think about the fact it’s an animal” and if I’m really honest, sometimes I find myself still slipping into this attitude.

But recently, probably only over the past 12 months or so, I’ve become a little more aware of these things. When it comes to making these changes, this isn’t something that is going to happen over night, not for me anyway. It’s going to take time and dedication and if I’m honest, a lot of energy because I can be pretty lazy. I like to think that the small changes I’m making are making a difference and if more of us were making even just one or two of these changes, these small changes could become huge ones for our planet and our population.

1. Reducing our plastic – This is perhaps one of the most important ones. Blue Planet 2 highlighted the damage that, as a population, we are causing to our oceans and the life within it. Plastic is quite literally a part of our everyday lives and until you really sit down and think about it. Food wrappers, plastic bags, beauty products, the list is quite literally endless. By making small changes like using recyclable bags or buying fruit and veg without plastic, you will be making steps towards saving the planet. Do you really need to put bananas into a plastic bag even though you’re going to chuck it away and pop them in the fruit bowl as soon as you get home? Nope. Are you recycling all of your plastic? Can you use paper cotton buds instead of plastic? By getting into the habit of asking yourself these questions every day, the changes will soon be your new normal.

2. Stop wasting water – I’d be lying if I said that I don’t use a lot of water because I absolutely do. I shower every morning and bath every night. Admittedly, I’m a clean freak but that’s not something that I plan on changing. However, there are lots of ways that I am cutting back. Every night I make myself a glass of water for bed, just in case I get thirsty. Six out of seven days of the week this is left untouched and ends up down the sink the next morning. Instead, I’m using this water to water my house plants. When I’m making myself a cup of tea, rather than filling the kettle up to make six mugs, I only fill it with as much as I need.  Again, it’s the little changes that are making the difference.

3. Saving electric – Now this one is partly for selfish reasons. Anywhere I can cut back on bills, trust me, I will. But as well as my purse looking a little less sad, by switching off the lights and not leaving my TV on standby, the world looks a little less sad too. It’s another easy and small change to make.

4. Share transport – I’m not going to pretend that I get public transportation everywhere because I don’t. In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I got a bus anywhere. But, I have my reasons. Living out in a small little village means that buses are rubbish, and pretty expensive too. Where I live also means that walking isn’t an option so a car is a must for me. However, sharing lifts is an easy way to reduce carbon dioxide being emitted into the environment. It also saves you money on petrol too…win win. In terms of public transport, if this was something that was a feasible option then I’d use it.

Save the planet

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