Renovating a home – What have I learnt so far?

We’ve now been in our house for nearly four months and I’ve loved every minute of it…almost. When we bought our house we didn’t know what to expect, I’d always lived at home with my parents so had never had to worry about mortgages, bills or even maintaining the house. We also didn’t realise how much renovating a house would cost or how much time it would take.

Before we moved in I’d spent hours scrolling Pinterest looking for inspiration for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom…basically every room! However, when it came to actually making the decisions my creative juices had run dry. I love interiors and I’ve always loved the idea of decorating my own home exactly how I wanted it however, this was easier said than done.

Because we are in a maisonette we are limited on space which means that we aren’t able to extend. However, just from home much work we’ve put into this property alone and the time it’s taken us I know that when we move into a bigger home in the future, we will need help. This is when companies like Urbanist Architecture come in. The London Architects home renovation company specialises in everything from planning and designing a home renovation through to interior design and planning permission.

Although in our home at the moment extend our kitchen, we do plan on renovating it to give it a modern, fresh feel. Urbanist Architecture also specialises in maximising space in a kitchen which means that we will be left to do the fun parts like picking paint and accessories!

*This post is sponsored by Urbanist Architecture