Please help to save a life like mine today

This week, you may have seen the interview with Eamonn, Ruth and their former colleague Amy on This Morning. Amy has a nut allergy, something that I also have. Unfortunately, Amy had an anaphylactic shock due to a nut reaction whilst holidaying in Budapest. This devastating reaction changed Amy’s life forever and has left her wheelchair bound and unable to communicate with others.

Since I was born, I’ve had a number of anaphylactic shocks. I’ve always been fortunate enough that the impact of these reactions haven’t been lifelong and have been managed through the use of epipens and treatment from fantastic paramedics and doctors. However, Amy wasn’t so lucky.

What a lot of people don’t realise about a nut allergy is that it’s not just consuming nuts that can cause an anaphylactic shock. I, like many others including Amy, suffer from an airborne allergy too. This means that the particles in the air from nuts can cause a reaction. In fact, every reaction I’ve ever had has been caused by an airborne reaction.

On most occasions, if I am aware that somebody around me has nuts I can walk away and leave the area before I am affected. However, when you’re thousands of feet in the air on an enclosed aeroplane, this isn’t so easy. There have been many times that I have had to ask air hostesses to make an announcement politely asking passengers not to consume any nuts. Fortunately, I’ve always been lucky that people have respected this (despite many moans and groans at this announcement). Every airline I’ve flown with has been extremely accommodating to my allergy and have made these announcements and done all that they can expect British Airways. When flying with British Airways, the air hostess advised that it is against company policy to make this announcement.

Amy’s parents are campaigning to ban nuts and nut products from airlines. As someone who is hugely affected by this, please take just two minutes to sign this petition and help to save a life and raise awareness of the severity of this.

Sign the petition here.