May is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome awareness month. With this being a disability that I unfortunately suffer from, I thought that it was important for me to share this on the blog.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is then you can find out more on the NHS page here

I suffer from type 3 EDS. This means that I have chronic pain, my joints dislocate and I suffer from chronic fatigue. For those that have met me, this can often come as a surprise as I do a very good job at hiding my condition. This is probably why I get some very disapproving tuts and mutters when I use my blue badge whilst shopping or running errands.

Awareness around EDS is unfortunately very low. This is what inspired me to write this post and with May being EDS awareness month, now is a better time than any. I was born with EDS however it wasn’t until I was 17 that I got my official diagnosis after many broken bones, days in A&E and doctor appointments. Because of similar more common conditions such as Hypermobility, diagnosing EDS can be difficult and it is due to this that my diagnosis took so long. Because there is little knowledge around the condition, most doctors also don’t understand the condition either. There have been many times that I’ve been in A&E with different dislocations and the doctor/nurse on call has sent me home as they do not understand the condition or know what they can do to help.

This month, I’m encouraging everybody to find out more about EDS and the symptoms surrounding the condition. You may know somebody who also suffers or you may not but the more that we can educate ourselves on these conditions that can sometimes seem invisible, the more open and understanding we can be towards others.

A few months ago, Kaspa’s opened in Colchester. Kaspa’s describes itself as “a chain of exciting new dessert houses that offer the world’s favourite hot and cold desserts under one roof”. I love a dessert and I also love a food review so I was really excited to hear that Kaspa’s was coming to town and couldn’t wait to try it out.

I went for the first time with a friend a couple of months after launch expecting that the initial rush would have calmed down. We were wrong. When we arrived in the American style parlour we were told a table would be ready in approx. 30 minutes, I would have been happy to come back another time however my friend was eight months pregnant and craving a dessert so we happily waited.

After being shown to our table, the process was explained to us and we went up to the counter to place our order. We were spoilt for choice with so many dessert choices on offer including waffles, sundaes, cakes and cookie doughs.

I decided to go for the brownie waffle which is a freshly cooked waffle with whipped cream, warm brownie pieces and melted milk chocolate. Although we had to wait a long time for the food to arrive, when we did it was amazing. It was beautifully fresh and it’s fair to say I was truly in chocolatey heaven. I couldn’t manage the whole waffle as it did get rather sickly to eat but what I did eat, I thoroughly enjoyed.

When I recently visited again for the second time, I decided to go for the chocolate brownie cookie dough. A warm cookie dough is my favourite dessert ever (I’m looking at you, Pizza Hut!) so I had high hopes for this dessert. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. This may just be my preference but this cookie dough was too gooey and Kaspa’s had not managed the balance of gooeyness vs crispiness that Pizza Hut achieves. Because of this over gooeyness, the dessert wasn’t enjoyable as after a couple of mouthfuls I already had an unpleasant full and sickly feeling.

This dessert hasn’t put me off of Kaspa’s and I know that I’ll be heading back soon to try out a sundae…18302362_10212913448819228_18468260_n.jpg

If you’re from Colchester, I would bet a lot of money that you are familiar with the North Hill Noodle Bar (a.k.a The Noodle Bar). If you’re not, then I’d also bet a lot of money that this will change after reading this food review.

The Noodle Bar is my favourite place to go out for lunch or dinner and even for a cheeky takeaway night too. I’m such a fan that I’ve often been known to say that the Noodle Bar is what I would miss most if I moved out of town. Tucked away on North Hill the Noodle Bar offers a range of freshly cooked, homemade Thai dishes.

Tucked away on North Hill the Noodle Bar offers a range of freshly cooked, homemade Thai dishes. Despite being fresh, the Noodle Bar is super fast and the service is always spot on.

Being a true creature of habit I always go for the same: spicy prawn crackers, sweet and sour chicken and BBQ ribs. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never actually tried anything else but this is simply because I love the sweet and sour chicken so much that I fear I will be gutted if I visit the restaurant and don’t love a different dish quite as much.

Over the years, I’ve taken family and friends for their first Noodle Bar experiences and every single one has fallen in love just as much as me and has gone on to visit with friends/family too.

Although this may not seem like an honest review as there are no bad points, it truly is as I am yet to find anything negative about The Noodle Bar (except that it gets booked up quickly on weekends!).

Are you also a regular at the Noodle Bar? What dish do you go for?18297061_10212913309375742_301990848_o18339108_10212913309255739_428864801_o

Raise your hands if you’re a terrible blogger? *Raises both hands*. I fully admit that since re-launching this blog, my head hasn’t been in the game. I launched it with the intention of documenting our house buying journey as well as sharing food and lifestyle reviews and general blog features. It’s clear to see from the lack of posts that this has not been happening. Who knew that being a first-time house buyer could be so time-consuming? Not me!

On 7 January, we had our offer accepted on our first home. On 13 February, we received our official mortgage and skip forward to now, we’re not much further amongst solicitor enquiries etc. The most frustrating part is that there’s no chain involved, we are first time buyers and our seller is going to be renting somewhere so in an ideal world this should have been an extremely quick sale. We thought that it would have been simple and were expecting to have been settled in by now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

One thing that I have learnt from this process is that patience is key and there’s no use stressing over a situation that I can’t control. The delay also means we’ve had a couple of extra months to save which has helped too. For now, all that we can do is sit back and wait for certain enquiries to be answered and for the contracts to be ready.

So here I am, back to blogging and hopefully for good this time. Watch this space for a new name, theme and launch…Exciting times!


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Food review: When it comes to trying new dishes, I am far from adventurous however this is something that in 2017, I am determined to change.

I’m fussy when it comes to taste, texture, smell and even colour so when I went out for lunch with a colleague and she suggested that we went to Wagamama, I was definitely nervous. It’s not even the worry of not liking the food, it’s the worry of ordering it and being unable to leave it due to looking rude or disrespectful.

My colleague suggested that I tried the Chicken Katsu Curry because as far as dishes go, this is pretty plain; especially at Wagamama where they have a huge selection of exciting dishes.

I’ve never eaten a curry from fear that it would be too spicy; I am a complete spice wimp. However, after a couple of mouthfuls, I quickly fell in love with this dish. There was a kick but just the right amount and the chicken and rice were equally amazing as the curry sauce.

I am now a regular visitor at Wagamama and I’m practically counting down the days until one opens in Colchester. I’ve even started being even more adventurous and trying some side dishes, all of which have been delicious!

What’s your favourite Wagamama dish?