Blogtober day 8

It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of candles. I mean, you only have to take one look at my Instagram to know that there is a 99% chance that if I am home, a candle will be burning.

One of my struggles when looking for nice candles is that I can never find one that I love the smell and the price tag of. I have to admit, with candles you often get what you pay for. As the saying goes – buy cheap, buy twice. Cheaper candles often don’t have the strong smell of a good quality, hand poured candle.

So, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across a range of Christmas candles in my local Home Bargains store. In fact, I could actually smell them before I could see them so that’s always a good sign. Do you want to know what made me even happier? This candle was only £2.99 and it is huge!

I decided to go for the Warm Apple and Cinnamon partly because it smelth amazing and partly because I loved the deep red colour, especially for autumn. When I got home and started burning the candle, the smell was even stronger and smells so good.

Have you found any bargain autumn candles? What’s your favourite scent?

Autumn candle


Blogtober Day 7

If you’ve read my post about how to make the most out of a hair wash, you’ll know that this is a chore that I don’t particularly enjoy. So, when Powder Room Secrets got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in a brush that is said to reduce drying times, I jumped at the chance.

The Wow Brush is a three is the world’s first fully circular hair brush and is designed to help with blowdrying, styling and detangling – what more could you want?

The brush has been designed with large air vents which reduce the blow drying time by half and it was this that won me over. I have to admit, I didn’t really expect this to be true as I’ve used lots of brushes in the past that have promised this. However, it genuinely has reduced the time, creating volume too!

I haven’t had a chance to try curling my hair with the brush yet however as mentioned in my blogger mail video I am rubbish at curling my hair so I’ll definitely be giving it a go!

Wow brush

*I was gifted this product by Powder Room Secrets in exchange for a feature


Blogtober day 6 

As part of Blogtober, myself and the lovely Sophie from Sophie Rose decided to do an Autumnal themed Q&A for each other.

1. What is one of your fondest memories of autumn time?

One of my fondest memories of Autumn has to be going to the fireworks when I was a little girl with my dad. I had a bobble hat that I would wear every year that we called the ‘firework hat’ and it’s such a lovely memory for me.

2. What’s your favorite fashion style this season?

I’m a total jumper girl; roll neck, chunky knit, jumper dress…you name it, I’ve got it. You can’t beat a cosy jumper with a nice pair of boots. Although…this year I need to invest in some new boots and there’s so many that I’ve got my eye on!

3. A few tips for staying healthy this autumn?

With the cold weather, it can be so easy to lack motivation to eat healthy or work out. One of my tips would be to invest in a slow cooker. There’s so many healthy and easy recipes that you can pop in the slow cooker that are ready for you when you get home from work.

4. What’s your go-to skin care as the weather gets a bit colder?

Moisturiser and lots of it. Autumn is when my skin starts to totally dry out so I have to seriously up my skincare game to ensure that it doesn’t get noticeably dry.

5. Do you have a go-to make style for autumn?

You can not beat berry and copper shades in the autumn. I love a brown or berry lip with berry or copper eyeshadows…I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

6. Three things you like about autumn? 

This is a tricky one as there’s so much!

  • The outfits – Give me all the chunky jumpers and bobbly hats
  • The cosy nights – Autumn is the perfect excuse to have a night in rather than going out. Catch up with the girls over a glass of wine and a takeaway without even having to leave your front door…perfect!

7. What does Halloween mean to you?

As strange as it may sound, Halloween is a family occasion for me. Every year we all have a party together. To me, it means family time and an excuse to have a party.

8. What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

This year is actually the first year I won’t be dressing up as it’s also the first year we won’t be having a party. Instead, I’ll be going with family to local Scare attraction, Scaresville.

9. Do you decorate your house all out for the occasion?

This is our first year in our own home so I’m still undecided on this. I’d like to at least get a pumpkin to pop by the front door!

If you liked my Blogtober Blog Swap, head over to Sophie’s blog to read her Q&A here. 


Blogtober Day 5

As part of Blogtober, I wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness of those suffering from a chronic illness. If you didn’t know, I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3 (EDS). Let’s start with a bit of background – I’ve had EDS since I was born however it wasn’t until I was 17 after numerous broken bones, three operations and lots of medical mysteries that I finally got diagnosed.

As part of my EDS, I suffer from chronic fatigue as well as pain. If you met me on a good day, you’d not even tell. That’s one of my strongest skills, disguising my EDS. In fact, I’ve spent years trying to disguise my EDS in the worry that I would be admitting defeat to the condition or that people would see me differently. In reality, by being open about my disability, I am doing neither of those things. I am just being realistic and authentic.

1 – One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned about having a chronic illness is that sometimes, it’s totally okay to be selfish. I’ve never been someone to cancel plans or ask for them to be changed because of me but recently, I’ve come to accept that sometimes, that has to be the case. Sometimes, I’m so tired or in so much pain that all I want to do is snuggle up in bed with a hot water bottle and not move. I understand how annoying it is for someone when a plan is changed last minute but if it is going to help my health then this is what I need to prioritise.

2 – You never truly know what is going on in somebody else’s life. There are so many people, like me, who try to disguise their disability or chronic illness. So next time you call somebody ‘lazy’ or ‘moody’ please just take the time to think about what could be going on for them. For all you know, they could have spent the night awake from the excruciating pain – Trust me this a very regular occurrence unfortunately. Looks can be very deceiving and with a full face of makeup, you’d sometimes struggle to know I was running on two hours sleep.

3 – Accepting help is okay. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak or incapable. It just means that you’re lucky enough to have somebody that loves you and cares about you and wants to make your life a little easier whenever possible.

4 – Mixed emotions are totally normal. Since my diagnosis I’m pretty sure I’ve felt very emotion. I’ve felt angry and questioned “why me?”. I’ve grieved for the future that I thought I had which has suddenly changed. I’ve felt grateful that compared to others, I am so lucky. I’ve felt determined that I would not let EDS define me. I’ve felt intense sadness. This rollercoaster of emotions is completely normal and is something that so many people go through when suffering with a disability or chronic illness.

5 – *Cringe alert* My friends and family are amazing. This one is the most important – I truly believe that if it wasn’t for my amazing friends and family, my condition would be so much worse. I have already overcome so many hurdles and continue to impress doctors with my progress. But, if I didn’t have such a supportive network around me, none of this would have been possible and I dread to think how different my life would be.


Blogtober day 4

You may have read my recent post about car maintenance and ensuring your car is ready for winter (if you haven’t, take a look here). Doing regular checks and ensuring that everything is running smoothly is an integral part to keeping you safe on the roads. However, as technology evolves, is there even more ways that we can keep ourselves safe on the road with little human effort required? This sounds like heaven to me!

Your Legal Friend has shared their opinion on technology on the roads here and I’ve shared mine below.

When it comes to technology, I have a mix of opinions. In some ways, I think it’s fantastic and it will really help to reduce the number of accidents on the road. However, there are also some technology’s that I think have actually become more of a danger than a help.

For example, hands free devices have been designed to offer a safe alternative to holding the phone to your ear and talking to a friend, family member, etc. However, a number of these hand free devices still require the driver to click buttons to select who they would like to call and make the call itself. Although it’s advised that a driver pulls over to do this, very few drivers do. If you’re occupied with trying to find a certain contact and make a call, where is your attention? Not on the road in front of you and an accident is therefore waiting to happen.

I have a similar opinion on Satnavs. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be stuffed without mine. I rely on it to get me everywhere and without it, I’d either be totally lost and never make it to my destination or I’d be very, very late. Similarly to hands free devices, Satnavs have pros and cons. Whilst they are ensuring you can find your way somewhere and you’re not driving down any one way streets or bus lanes, they are also taking your attention off the road in front of you. If you’re trying to read your Satnav and work out which lane you should be in for the upcoming round about you’re not focused on the car that has suddenly had to break in front of you. On the other hand, if the Satnav hadn’t told you what lane you needed to be in there’s a good chance you’d of cut in front of another car and caused a potential crash on the said roundabout.

Automatic brakes is a technology that I personally think could have and has had a fantastic impact on the roads. AEB systems (Automatic Emergency Braking) were introduced in the euro NCAP five-star award requirement for cars in 2016. Cars with this system detect pedestrians or obstacles in front of a car and will automate your brakes. Thatcham Research has estimated that AEB systems over the next ten years could save 1,100 lives in the UK and prevent more than 120,000 injuries…a very impressive figure. In addition to detected obstacles in front a car, AEB systems also detect obstacles when reversing too. Did you know that 25% of all road accidents happen when parkng a car and that 75% of parking accidents happen when the car is being reversed? I’m a really cautious driver and touch wood have never had a serious accident. However, I have been known to bump my car against a fence once or twice whilst reversing so this system is definitely something that could benefit me.

Even with all of these technologies, there are still over 100,000 traffic accidents in the UK every year with a number of these being fatal. Whilst these technologies continue to develop, it’s so important that drivers continue to be cautious whilst driving and stay aware at all times.

What do you think the future of technology on the roads looks like?

*This post is sponsored by Your Legal Friend, who specialises in car accident claims for whiplash, car damage and other injuries.