Today, I am super excited to share the news that we have finally exchanged on our first home!

It has been a long, and sometimes painful, journey but we are now so close and the finishing line is in site. For those of you that haven’t followed the journey, we first put an offer in for a house at the start of October last year. However in December, this sale, unfortunately, fell through.

We then found a little home that we loved in a small village just outside of Colchester at the end of December and had an offer accepted on this at the start of January. Since then we’ve had a whole host of delays for various reasons. However, today is the day that it’s all finally starting to feel real.

We are due to complete and get the keys on Friday 2 June and I can not wait to share plenty of pictures and stories with you as we make our house a home.

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Breakfast is one of my favourite meals to eat out. This is why it always makes me sad when I wake up too late on a weekend and have missed the breakfast serving hours. However, Bill’s serves breakfast until 12pm Monday-Friday and right up until 1pm on the weekends…result!

Ever since Bill’s opened in my hometown, I’ve spent many Sunday mornings there enjoying a late breakfast. As a creature of habit, I do of course always go for the same order so I thought it was about time I shared a review.

A Bill’s breakfast is all about quality rather than quantity unlike a lot of places that serve an unlimited breakfast. Traditionally, a Bill’s breakfast includes cumberland sausage, fried free range eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, smoked streaky bacon, toast. However, I don’t like eggs, tomatoes of mushrooms so I swap these out for baked beans and bubble and squeak rostis instead. The staff are always extremely accomodating to this and never mind me being a fuss pot!

For £8.95, I think that Bill’s offers a breakfast that provides the best value for money compared to other high street chains. All of the ingredients are of a high quality and you can really taste the difference compared to others.

Take a look at the full breakfast menu here. 

What is your favourite meal of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner?Bill's Breakfast

For months now, I’ve been looking for a casual summer jacket to add a pop of colour to my outfits without breaking the bank. So, you can imagine my delight whilst shopping in my local Matalan this weekend when I stumbled across the perfect jacket.

Matalan is the type of store that I can go in nine times and find nothing but on the tenth time, I will walk away with a gem in the form of clothing or homeware.

This dusky pink Suedette Biker Jacket instantly caught my eye whilst wandering the aisles and when I looked at the price tag and noticed it was only £30, I knew I had to have it. As well as the amazing colour, which I am totally in love with, it also has an amazing fit and isn’t too short like a lot of the other jackets available at the moment. However, I will point out that the sizing does come up bigger than usual so if you’re planning on ordering this online rather than popping into your local store then bear this in mind.

Not only does the jacket look great paired with a pair of jeans and converse but it can be dressed up with a summer dress and a pair of heels too; making it the perfect staple item for this season’s wardrobe. I’m so into this jacket that you’ll probably find me in this at least a few times a week throughout summer for all sorts of occasions. Casual afternoon at the pub? Yep. BBQ with friends? Yep. Meeting at work? Yep – It really is suitable for everything.

The jacket is also available in an amazing khaki colour which I have a feeling I’ll be treating myself too ready for Autumn too. When I find a bargain like this, I can’t help but buy it in every colour.

You can get your hands on this suede jacket here and don’t forget to send me pictures of you in the jacket using @meg_blogger across Twitter and Instagram.


Matalan summer jacket Matalan summer jacket - 2


My iPad is one of my prized possessions, I spend hours on it every week watching series after series on Netflix. So when Filofax asked if I would like to review an iPad case, of course I jumped at the chance.

Filofax has launched a Gold range of products and although I am not usually a fan of gold accessories, this item is different. I find that gold products can sometimes look slightly tacky and cheap looking however as Filofax products are of such a high quality, this case has a real luxury feel.

iPad cases can often be very bulky and unattractive which is another reason why I am such a fan of this case. As well as the appearance, the case offers great protection for the iPad with a magnetic wrap closure to keep the case closed.

Inside the case is a tablet holder which is rotatable which allows multiple viewing positions (perfect for binge watching Netflix!) and holds the iPad securely.  In addition to this, there are pockets inside the case which can hold paperwork including notepads or other accessories.

You can purchase your gold tablet case from Filofax here.


Filofax ipad case Filofax ipad case Filofax ipad case

*I have been gifted this iPad case from Filofax for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are my own.

Before I start writing this post, I want to make one thing clear; I love makeup and getting dressed up for a night out with a full face is one of my favourite activities (as is trying new products and looks). Now that that is out of the way, on to the real purpose of this post. Is a fresh face the way forward?

I’ve always loved makeup however, I’ve also never been someone to wear it everyday. Even as a teenager when most of my friends wouldn’t leave the house without it on, I never followed this and I still don’t now. Unless I am going out for dinner or drinks with friends or it’s a special occasion, I won’t wear makeup. In fact, I can often go a couple of weeks without putting any on.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that more and more people are also opting to go for a fresh-faced look for their everyday activity. It was not until I recently started thinking about this that I realised that I see so many people in the fresh-faced gang too and I don’t even bat an eyelid at it. In fact, I’ve seen people on a night out that were either wearing minimal makeup or no makeup and didn’t think anything of it.

For me, there are so many reasons that I decide against wearing makeup most days. To be honest, one of the main reasons is because I like my sleep and would rather have the extra time in bed instead of applying makeup. Other reasons include feeling like I look different for special occasions, having clearer skin and I do believe that not wearing makeup has helped me to be confident in my own skin rather than self-conscious.

Makeup is an amazing thing and this post is just my opinion. I understand how for some, makeup can help to grow confidence, make people feel amazing and help people in so many ways.

Do you wear makeup everyday or like me, do you opt for a fresh face?

Fresh face vs Makeup

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