My iPad is one of my prized possessions, I spend hours on it every week watching series after series on Netflix. So when Filofax asked if I would like to review a tablet case, of course I jumped at the chance.

Filofax has launched a Gold range of products and although I am not usually a fan of gold accessories, this item is different. I find that gold products can sometimes look slightly tacky and cheap looking however as Filofax products are of such a high quality, this case has a real luxury feel.

iPad cases can often be very bulky and unattractive which is another reason why I am such a fan of this case. As well as the appearance, the case offers great protection for the iPad with a magnetic wrap closure to keep the case closed.

Inside the case is a tablet holder which is rotatable which allows multiple viewing positions (perfect for binge watching Netflix!) and holds the iPad securely.  In addition to this, there are pockets inside the case which can hold paperwork including notepads or other accessories.

You can purchase your gold tablet case from Filofax here.


Filofax ipad case Filofax ipad case Filofax ipad case

*I have been gifted this iPad case from Filofax for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are my own.

Before I start writing this post, I want to make one thing clear; I love makeup and getting dressed up for a night out with a full face is one of my favourite activities (as is trying new products and looks). Now that that is out of the way, on to the real purpose of this post. Is a fresh face the way forward?

I’ve always loved makeup however, I’ve also never been someone to wear it everyday. Even as a teenager when most of my friends wouldn’t leave the house without it on, I never followed this and I still don’t now. Unless I am going out for dinner or drinks with friends or it’s a special occasion, I won’t wear makeup. In fact, I can often go a couple of weeks without putting any on.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that more and more people are also opting to go for a fresh-faced look for their everyday activity. It was not until I recently started thinking about this that I realised that I see so many people in the fresh-faced gang too and I don’t even bat an eyelid at it. In fact, I’ve seen people on a night out that were either wearing minimal or no makeup and didn’t think anything of it.

For me, there are so many reasons that I decide against wearing makeup most days. To be honest, one of the main reasons is because I like my sleep and would rather have the extra time in bed instead of applying makeup. Other reasons include feeling like I look different for special occasions, having clearer skin and I do believe that not wearing makeup has helped me to be confident in my own skin rather than self-conscious.

Makeup is an amazing thing and this post is just my opinion. I understand how for some, it can help to grow confidence, make people feel amazing and help people in so many ways.

Fresh face vs Makeup

*Image taken from Google

My weight has been something that I have always struggled with. I have tried all of the diets including the 5:2 diet and Slimming World. All of which have been unsuccessful. As a last resort, I decided to join Weight Watchers in February.

For those of you that are not familiar with Weight
Watchers, unlike lots of other diets, it’s all about portion control. To sum it up, you are given a certain amount of points to eat every day. Extra points are available to spend on extra treats throughout the week and every food has a point value.

For the first two months, I was doing really well. I was exercising at least three or four times every week and was strictly sticking to the diet too. In total, I had lost 12&1/2 pounds and I was buzzing!

Unfortunately, after indulging in lots of sweet treats across the Easter weekend, I fell off track. Skip forward four weeks and I’ve finally decided to get back on it. I rejoined my group yesterday and over these four weeks, I gained 6&1/2 pounds. At first, I was really annoyed with myself (even though I had expected a bigger gain) but I’ve decided to use this as motivation to work extra hard and lose the weight.

My target overall is to lose nearly four stone and I’d really love to lose this by my birthday in December which I understand is aiming high. But, if I don’t aim high then I’ll never achieve it.

So, every week I’ll be using my blog to document my Weight Watchers journey, share recipes and hopefully meet others also on the Weight Watchers journey.

Wish me luck!

Weight Watchers Blogger

Being from Essex it only seemed right that when we visited Marbella last summer, we visited Elliot Wright’s restaurant, Olivia’s. Across social media and from others that have visited Marbella I’d heard brilliant things about Olivia’s  and the food and with the restaurant being only a stone throw away from where we stayed, we decided to visit three times during our stay.

During our first visit, we ordered a bottle of Moet to start (because if you can’t treat yourself when in Marbella, then when can you?). After enjoying some champagne, we went on to cocktails. The cocktail selection was brilliant and between the four of us, we made our way through the whole menu to try each one…and loved them all!

I’m very fussy when it comes to starters but as everybody else was ordering something I decided to give the crispy duck salad a try. I love duck but I’m also very particular about my duck and the amount of sauce it comes with. I find that there’s never the perfect amount of sauce so the duck is either too dry or soggy. However, Olivia’s is the first place that I’ve visited that has got this spot on. As a starter, it was beautiful. So much so, that I would order a larger version as a main.

For mains, I, of course, went for steak. The steak was an expensive one so I had high hopes that it would be of a high quality and taste amazing. Unfortunately, I was disappointed as I had a very fatty bit of steak and despite asking for it medium/well, it was very well done. However, I think that I was just unlucky with my steak as the others said that there’s was perfect so I probably should have complained at the time as I’m sure they’d have cooked another bit for me. My steak came with chunky chips and these definitely made up for the steak. The portion of chips was huge (much bigger than it looks in the picture) and beautifully crispy.

After dinner, we washed our meal down with even more cocktails until we couldn’t possibly eat another bite or drink another sip.

Have you been to Marbella? Where is your favourite place to eat?


Brighton is one of my favourite places to visit for a weekend away. With the wide array of shops including the Laines, the selection of bars and the restaurants, there really is something for everybody in the town.

We’ll regularly go for a weekend away in Brighton and when there, I have two favourite places to eat; Donatello and Browns. Not only does Browns offer delicious food but it has an amazing cocktail menu too and a lovely interior design.

When we first visited Browns, we started in the bar next to it first to enjoy some pre-dinner cocktails and get us ready for the meal and night ahead. After making our way through the cocktail menu, I found my favourite, the British Royal. British Royal is made up of Black Cow vodka, Prosecco, rhubarb & rosehip cordial, apple and with vodka and Prosecco being my favourite drinks, I had a feeling this would be my favourite before I’d even tried it. I loved this cocktail so much that for months after we first visited, we spent ages trying to hunt down a rhubarb & rosehip cordial so that we could recreate this cocktail at home.

Now, on to the food…I love steak and will often order it when we’re out for dinner at a nice restaurant. So of course, I decided to go for the 8oz Sirloin steak with garlic butter and thick cut chips. I ordered the steak medium/well and it was truly cooked to perfection and the steak itself was amazing quality too. I love crispy chips which can often be hard to achieve with a chunky chip so I was seriously impressed that Browns had achieved the perfect balance of a crispy, fluffy chip.

Browns Brighton - 8oz Sirloin Steak and thick cut chips

For dessert, I would usually go for something chocolatey like a brownie. However, I decided to go for the salted caramel profiteroles with vanilla ice cream as I fancied something different. Coated in a chocolately salted caramel and filled with delicious cream inside, every part of this dessert was heaven. Oh my goodness…they were amazing!

Browns Brighton - Salted Caramel Profiteroles