I love jewellery and I truly believe that you can never have too much. This is why, when Nude Jewellery got in touch to ask if I would be happy to feature one of their bespoke, handmade pieces I jumped at the chance.

Nude Jewellery offers a range of bespoke, handmade jewellery including everything from necklaces to engagement rings, that is available to purchase online as well as order so that your piece is unique. How lovely that you can have a completely unique engagement ring or an unusual engagement ring which suits you or your partner perfectly.

I ordered the Vanilla Links Triple Link Silver Handmade Necklace because my current everyday necklace is quite chunky and I was after something more delicate and dainty. It arrived in beautiful packaging including a little bag which had been packaged in the box so that it wasn’t at all squashed or damaged which is always a bonus.

The necklace is absolutely beautiful and pictures don’t fully do it justice because you can’t tell how high the quality is. As well as the pendant being stunning, the chain is also slightly thicker than a typical delicate necklace which I love because in the past I’ve had these chains and they’ve always ended up broken.

All of Nude Jewellery’s pieces are handmade and designed by the Founder Nikki and it is clear to see from my necklace just how much attention is paid to the details and the quality.

Naked Jewellery

*This necklace was gifted in exchange for a feature


Last weekend, I was invited down to Devonshire House in Brentwood to have my fat frozen. I know, it sounds very strange but when I was invited to review a treatment for the blog, curiosity got the better of me and I knew I had to have my fat frozen (aka Cyrolipolysis).

Before I go into the details of the treatment, I wanted to make it clear that this is not a quick weight loss technique or scam. It is not invasive, nor a type of surgery and it is an entirely safe procedure when carried out by a professional such as Jilla from Devonshire House.

What is Fat Freezing? – Cryolipolysis is also known as fat freezing treatment using advanced cooling technology on localised areas of the body which results in the death of the fat cells. Clinical trials have confirmed that fat cells become crystallised and destroyed when exposed to cold at certain freezing temperatures for a certain time. Cryolipolysis targets only the fat cells and does not impact the surrounding skin, tissues, nerves or muscles, as they are effected at a much lower temperature.

Jilla explained that this treatment works on fatty areas that you struggle to shift despite a healthy diet, exercising, etc. After a detailed consultation with Jilla, we decided that the area that we would target is my lower stomach.

Without going into the technical side of the treatment, a cup is basically placed over the area and sucks up your fat. Once it’s in the cup it freezes it and as mentioned above, basically kills these cells and crystalizes them.

Once frozen, the fat cells slowly begin to leave your body over the following 8 -12 after they break down and are removed from the body completely.

Once the fat cells are distorted they will not come back on the area treated, assuming you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not exceed your normal calorie intake.

To find out more at Cyrolipolysis click here.

*I was invited to enjoy this complimentary treatment in exchange for a review.


This month, the Soil Association has launched Organic September, a month of UK Events celebrating organic.

I have to admit that in the past organic products etc are not something that I have paid much attention to. However, only recently I have been taking the time to research what organic truly means and why shopping organic wherever possible is important.

September will see the Soil Association working with retailers, big and small, along with some of the UK’s finest organic producers to host events ranging from talks to demonstrations and tastings, to make it that much easier for the consumer to try organic. 

Amongst others, Organic September Saturday on the 16th sees Soil Association and Whole Foods Market team up to enable the public to sample a selection of the incredible BOOM (Best of Organic Market) award winners products in stores. 

 Ultimately, the month is dedicated to help shoppers understand organic and that organic is food as it should be. This means whenever you see the organic symbol you can be sure what you buy has been produced to the very highest standards. It means fewer pesticides, no artificial additives or preservatives, the highest standards of animal welfare and no GM ingredients. All of which is really important for your health!

What I didn’t previously realise until recently is that it’s not only fruit and vegetables that can be organic, it is everyday items like milk, tea, cereal, pasta, and meats too. So, even if you can just make one change to your weekly shop at a time, why not try it?

During September, there are numerous events happening up and down the country making it easy for anyone and everyone to try organic, meet the incredible producers and taste food as it should be.

Take a look at some of the Organic events running across the UK and see if you can make it to one this month:

16th September  

Organic September Saturday featuring events and tastings in Independents across the country.  

16th September 

WholeFoods Market Takeover 

Visit Wholefoods Kensington for a chance to meet over 15 BOOM award winning brands and food bloggers, for a day of sampling, and exciting cookery demos in the kitchen pop up 

23rd September 

Daylesford Harvest Festival 

Daylesford near Kingham, Gloucestershire, GL56 0YG 

Offering a whole host of educational, delicious and fun activities to celebrate what our gardens and pastures have produced during the summer. 

28th September 

Soil Association Talks Series – with Mind Body Bowl (Annie Clarke) 

Whole Foods Market, Kensington, London, W8 5SE 

The panel discussion will explore the longevity of clean living, why it is integral for our health, mind, body and beauty and why it shouldn’t be considered as a ‘fad’ movement. 

28th September 

Foraging & Wild Cookery Event 

Riverford Field Kitchen, Wash Farm Bungalow, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0JU 

Spend an evening with forager Stu Woodman, who will be foraging ingredients around the farm and working with local craft brewery, Barnaby’s Brewhouse, to produce two special foraged beers to serve for the evening along with a special foraged nine-dish menu. 

Throughout September 

River Cottage: Borough Market Takeover 

Borough Market, London, SE1 9AH 

Borough Market has invited 

River Cottage to head to the city to deliver a season of cookery courses, free talks and events at London’s world famous Borough Market. 

rivercottage.net/news/ river-cottage-at-borough-market  

Organic food is available nationwide in over 8,000 supermarkets, independent shops, box schemes, cafes and restaurants. Always look for the Soil Association to know you are choosing organic. When you see the Soil Association logo you can be sure what you buy has been produced to the very highest standards.  

Visit the Soil Association website to find participating partners and to download the Get Started Organic kit and find events, shops and cafes on the UK Organic Map. 


 *This post is in partnership with Soil Association in exchange for gifted items.

We all know that there’s few things that make me happier than a good food and good cocktail combination.

I have to admit, when CTZN invited me in to taste their new menu, I was surprised. I had only ever been to CTZN for a night out and thought that it was a nightclub, and a nightclub only. Boy, was I wrong!

Last weekend, we headed down the road to Chelmsford to do some last minute holiday shopping and taste CTZN’s menu. I’d already checked out the cocktail menu so had made the decision that Liam would be driving and I would be drinking the cocktails…for review purposes only of course!

I started with a Pornstar Martini. Ever since my trip to Revolution in Southend this has been my favourite cocktail and I have one at every opportunity that I get. I wasn’t let down and the CTZN team made the perfect martini. Before I was even half way through this cocktail, the waitress gave me a Strawberry Daquiri…I knew this was going to be a good meal! I find that Strawberry Daquiri’s can be really hit and miss as I like mine sweet and some can be really sour. Fortunately for me, this was a sweet one and I decided to have a couple more afterwards as they were so good.


For starters, we both had the grilled halloumi. We are both total cheese fans so for us, it was a no-brainer. I was so pleased that it came with a salad as I love halloumi with tomatoes as they complement each other perfectly. The halloumi wasn’t greasy like it is in some restaurants and was perfectly cooked.

CTZN halloumi

Now onto the stars of the show, the mains. Usually, I am the fussiest eater and I was going to play it safe by ordering burger and chips. In the end, I convinced myself (and Liam) to go for something different for a change. I had the Chicken Shish and Liam went for Beyti kebab (I felt so adventurous!)

The Chicken Shish is marinated chicken breast grilled on a skewer over charcoal and served with rice and salad. Oh my goodness, I totally had nothing to be nervous or worried about – it was AMAZING. The chicken was perfectly cooked, the rice was fluffy and full of flavour and the salad was fresh and crispy, what more could you want? Instead of leaving the restaurant with the usual horrible full feeling from a heavy meal, I felt like I had eaten the perfect amount without having to unbutton my jeans and go for a nap!

CTZN Chicken Shish

The Beyti Kebab was the true winner though. Also served with rice and salad, the Beyti Kebab is slow cooked lamb wrapped in filo pastry and served with yogurt and special tomato sauce. I wasn’t feeling brave enough to order this but I am so glad that Liam did as I got to try some and it was a total game changer. I can’t really explain the flavour but it was on another level and I’m not even usually a fan of lamb.

ctzn beyti kebab

For dessert, we both went for the chocolate fudge cake with ice cream (of course). We both commented on the fact that it tasted amazing and rich but didn’t have the overwhelming sickly taste that most chocolate fudge cakes have.

ctzn chocolate fudge cake


*We were invited to enjoy this complimentary meal in exchange for a review.

This week, you may have seen the interview with Eamonn, Ruth and their former colleague Amy on This Morning. Amy has a nut allergy, something that I also have. Unfortunately, Amy had an anaphylactic shock due to a nut reaction whilst holidaying in Budapest. This devastating reaction changed Amy’s life forever and has left her wheelchair bound and unable to communicate with others.

Since I was born, I’ve had a number of anaphylactic shocks. I’ve always been fortunate enough that the impact of these reactions haven’t been lifelong and have been managed through the use of epipens and treatment from fantastic paramedics and doctors. However, Amy wasn’t so lucky.

What a lot of people don’t realise about a nut allergy is that it’s not just consuming nuts that can cause an anaphylactic shock. I, like many others including Amy, suffer from an airborne allergy too. This means that the particles in the air from nuts can cause a reaction. In fact, every reaction I’ve ever had has been caused by an airborne reaction.

On most occasions, if I am aware that somebody around me has nuts I can walk away and leave the area before I am affected. However, when you’re thousands of feet in the air on an enclosed aeroplane, this isn’t so easy. There have been many times that I have had to ask air hostesses to make an announcement politely asking passengers not to consume any nuts. Fortunately, I’ve always been lucky that people have respected this (despite many moans and groans at this announcement). Every airline I’ve flown with has been extremely accommodating to my allergy and have made these announcements and done all that they can expect British Airways. When flying with British Airways, the air hostess advised that it is against company policy to make this announcement.

Amy’s parents are campaigning to ban nuts and nut products from airlines. As someone who is hugely affected by this, please take just two minutes to sign this petition and help to save a life and raise awareness of the severity of this.

Sign the petition here.