October Loving – Blogger reads

I’m on annual leave this week which gives me some spare time to catch up on some of my favourite blogger posts. Therefore, I wanted to share with you some of my favourites of this month…

1 – I am loving Vix‘s posts at the moment and this one about blogging and what it can do to us is so damn true, take a read here.

2 – The arrival of Baby Spake had 99% of the blogger community eagerly waiting and to pass the time, Arran’s post about the reality of pregnancy had us all giggling (and preparing ourselves for the future!).

3 – You may have seen my recent post on what’s blogging me about the blogging community and this post from Lydia follows on from this with some more detail perfectly. So, if you liked that post you’ll love the one linked here.

4 – I personally know how hard it can be living with a chronic illness and it can be equally hard to talk about it. Zoe has very bravely spoken about her illness here and I hope that this encourages others to feel confident enough to open up too.

What posts have caught your attention this month? Share the link below!