New Year and New Skin with a Glow Peel

Taking the time to look after my skin is one of my new year resolutions and is something that I spent the last few months of 2017 focusing on. The two things I’ve been wanting to focus on fixing is my dry skin and my breakouts. In comes the Alumier MD Glow Peel from Crystal Rose Skin Clinic. 

Based in Ipswich, the Crystal Rose Skin Clinic is tucked away in the owner Rosy’s beautiful garden and is the ultimate place to relax. In the middle of the countryside away from the noise of people and traffic, I knew I was going to enjoy my treatment…and hopefully the results too!

Rosy is a true expert when it comes to skincare and after an analysis of my skin confirmed that the Glow Peel is the treatment for me. The Glow Peel combines lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol, creating a multipurpose resurfacing solution effective in minimising the appearance of skin issues like discolouration and uneven skin tone. This formula exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. There’s definitely something satisfying about entering the new year with new skin (literally!). The number of layers that you have depends on your skin type and how sensitive your skin is to the treatment. It’s not exactly painful but when the liquid peel is being applied there’s definitely a stinging/burning sensation which is only temporary and lasts for about 30 seconds. About 30 minutes later, after the cleansing of the skin, the lactic acid being applied and the skin before soothed I was on my way with a home kit in hand.

Apart from my skin looking slightly flushed and shiny the results aren’t overnight. In fact, I didn’t really start to see results until a couple of days after. By day two my skin was starting to flake and was slightly painful and felt almost like sunburn. Luckily I had the cleanser and recovery balm in my home kit which soothed the skin until the dead skin had finished coming off which was by day 5-6. Since then, my skin has genuinely been glowing, which I guess is where the name Glow Peel comes from!
The Glow Peel is £120, including the home kit and is definitely something I’d try again, especially as the more you have them the better they work. I’ve also recommended the treatment to my mum as it’s brilliant for anti-ageing to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Glow peel 3 Glow peel 2 Glow peel 1
*This treatment was free of charge in exchange for this post however all reviews are my own.

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