What do I need to know before getting a dog?

Getting a dog is a big commitment. Yes, their puppy eyes and endless cuddles may tell you different but in reality, they’re a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong, the work is so worth it but there’s a few things that you need to know/think about before getting a dog.

  1. Research breeds – Every dog breed is different. They all have different behaviours, habits and medical requirements. Some dogs need exercising a few times a day whereas some prefer to lounge around and sleep all day. Some breeds can eat regular dog food whereas some require a specific diet. All of this is so important and you need to make sure your lifestyle suits the breed. It can be easy to just go for the breed that look the cutest but trust me, you’ll wish you’d done your research beforehand.
  2. Your lifestyle – I’m really lucky as Coco is very low maintenance and although we walk her every day, she doesn’t actually need to be. She’d be just as happy chilling at home. We’re also lucky that my mum lives just five minutes down the road and checks in on Coco during the day to let her out for a wee, walk her, etc. If you work long hours and don’t have time to look after a dog properly then it’s not fair on the dog.
  3. Your location – Your location is so important when getting a dog. For example, if you live on the 10th floor of a block of flats, taking your dog out for a wee every hour or so is going to take a lot of effort. Realistically, is this something that you’re going to commit to? If you live in a busy town centre and can’t safely walk your dog unless you drive somewhere, are you really going to drive 20 minutes or so every day to walk your dog and 20 minutes to get home? If neither of these things put you off and you’re 100% sure you’ll stick to it then that’s not a problem but just think long and hard about it.
  4. Rehoming – There are so many dogs that need rehoming and there are so many organisations and charities that are on a mission to rehome these dogs. Before you go off and buy a tiny puppy just because it looks cute, research your local rehoming centres to see if they have any suitable dogs that you could help change the life of.

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