Have a little fun in January with Boomtown

January can often be tough financially. December is pretty expensive and often leaves our bank accounts looking a little bit sad. Unfortunately, bills don’t just come to a halt in January and life must go on, rich or poor. Therefore, January can often be on the quieter side when it comes to our social lives.

With everybody either on a detox or a spending ban, the month can seem a little dull and can drag. Online bingo can be an answer to these January blues as it gives you something to do without having to leave the warmth of your house. Of course, this does cost money however if you’re playing sensibly and budgeting your spend and luck is on your side then you can even make a little bit of money.

I’ve always been a fan of bingo however have only ever played at my local club so have no idea what to do or where to go when it comes to playing online. When watching telly we’re constantly bombarded with adverts from online bingo sites offering £XX amount to spend or XX free games so it can be daunting to decide which sites to actually give a go. Is the deal actually a good one? Are the prizes worth it? Is the site totally secure? With little or no experience in online gaming, it’s hard to know which site is right. Boomtown showcases a range of bingo websites and has rated these and shared the best offers so that you can find the perfect match for your budget.

Of course, as with any gambling it’s so important to ensure that you are closely monitoring your spend and time spent on the game and to spend only what you can afford. If you need any advice on this then GamCare, the UK’s national organisation for gambling, is on hand to provide support.

*This post is sponsored by Boomtown Bingo.


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