Why Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy announcement has made me mad

After nine months of is she or isn’t she, Kylie Jenner finally confirmed last night that not only was she pregnant but that she’d already given birth to a healthy baby girl. I know Kim Kardashian has spent a good few years trying to break the internet in different ways but last night Kylie truly did. I mean, people I didn’t even think knew the Kardashian/Jenner names were manically tweeting about the news or reposting Kylie’s Instagram announcement.

After watching the announcement video (no, you’re crying!) I was scrolling through the Kylie trend on Twitter and ended up getting annoyed at some of the tweets I was reading. Rather than people being happy for Kylie and celebrating the birth of a healthy baby they were instead pissed off that Kylie had tried her hardest to keep this moment private and not flaunt it across social media.

And if I’m honest, them being pissed off, really pissed me off. Now, more than ever, we all feel connected to influencers whether these be the likes of the Kardashians, Victoria’s Secret Models, Zoella or our favourite bloggers. But does that mean that they owe it to us to share every part of their lives? Absolutely bloody not.

I’ve never been someone that feels passionately about the Kardashians. I love the show but mainly because it’s easy to binge watch without me really having to put much thought into the storylines or understanding the characters. Even sitting here, as my fingers are ferociously tapping away on the keyboard, I feel silly writing so passionately about a celebrity. But this situation is so so much more than that.

Kylie is a 20 year old girl. She has 102 million followers on Instagram, 24.1 million followers on Twitter and since she released the announcement video on YouTube just 19 hours ago has already had 24 million people watch it and countless people create their own reaction videos following on from that. The world has had her eyes on Kylie for the past nine months, trying to get a glimpse of the baby bump, over-analysing every Instagram post to see if it could have a hidden meaning, trying to expose the young woman.


I’ve never experienced pregnancy and as much as I can imagine it being the most magical thing in the wold. I can also imagine it being very damn hard. Not only the fact you’re carrying an actual human in your body but also the fact that your life is changing forever. I’m only one year older than Kylie and the thought of having a baby that relies fully on me scares me, a lot.

Do you know what? I think Kylie done the right thing. She put the wellbeing of herself, and her daughter, above anything else. Isn’t that what mum’s do?

Did those people angrily tweeting Kylie think about this? Nope. Instead, they all thought it was owed to them. It wasn’t. For those that think influencers owe everything to their fans/followers, they don’t. Don’t get me wrong, these are a huge part of their career, as is the customer relationship to brands like Tesco. But so much work goes on behind the screen of an iPhone so in the future before sending abuse to your favourite celebrity, angrily tweeting a YouTuber or commenting something nasty on Instagram, just remember that although you may have an interest in that person, their own wellbeing and health is their priority.

The fact that Kylie has had to start her birth announcement with the words ‘Sorry’ truly upsets me.

Kylie Jenner pregnancy

This post has turned into a long, rambling one and when I started out I wasn’t too sure what the purpose of it was going to be but here we are, 600 words of rambling later. But what really matters is that everybody is healthy and happy. Preach.


*Image taken from Instagram


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  1. February 7, 2018 / 9:23 am

    Thank God for her safe delivery. Though the world has a lot of eyes on one single gal. Especially guys!!!

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