Illamasqua haul

It’s no secret that I have an addictive personality. When I discover something that I like, I can very easily get addicted to it. The latest victim of my addictive ways is Illamasqua although let’s be honest, is a make up addiction really a problem? Nope. After all, who needs to pay for gas, electric and petrol when you can look good? Apparently not me.

I’d used a few Illamasqua products in the past but it’d been a while since I’d tried any of its newest products. That is until I spotted this Lava Lipstick in the sale for only £10. I mean, a marble lipstick is every bloggers dream, is it not? I have to admit this lipstick does come out darker than it looks and is a darker tone that I would usually wear but there’s something exciting about putting it on and not knowing the exact colour it’ll be each time I put it on. I’m very easily amused.

Illamasqua lava lipstick


After finding the lipstick, this lipstick also accidentally slipped into my basket. And this, this beautifully velvety gloss is me to a tee. The colour is a nude pink, which some would call boring, but what I would call perfect. I rarely wear lipgloss because I hate the sticky feeling that it leaves on my lips but this lipgloss leaves a feeling much more like a lipstick is much more pigmented than a lipgloss I’ve worn before.

Illamasqua lipgloss


Blusher is one make up item that I find really hard to shop for. In the past I’ve tried a fair few blushers but the only ones I’ve ever been really impressed by were from Benefit. That’s not a problem because if Benefit does one thing well, it’s blushers. Never the less, I have been determined to find another brand that does it well. In comes Illamasqua with this blush duo; Lover and Hussy. First up, I love the name and if a brand names a colour well, in my opinion they’re already on to a winner. The powder blush is very pigmented and it did take me a few attempts not to overdo it and end up looking like a six year old who got her hands on her mum’s make up bag. But, once I’d cracked the art or applying just the right amount I instantly fell in love. Lover, the soft apricot is very me. The peachy colour provides a warm glow and looks perfect under a pink highlighter. Admittedly, Hussy is more of a candy pink colour and is a little too pink for me, especially as I am so pale. However, with a bit of fake tan on it looks like a totally different colour and works perfectly.

Illamasqua blush


Now, if there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a good eyeshadow palette. Again, I’d never tried Illamasqua’s eyeshadows but I’d heard good things so had high hopes. Being the boring Betty that I am, I went for two palettes that were actually quite similar but I love me some brown/nude eyeshadows and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, ey’? In my defence, there is a slight purple tone to these shadows so I have stepped out of my comfort zone at least a little bit.

I love it when a brand matches the colours in a palette perfectly so that lazy people like me don’t have to use our brains to try and find complementary colours or think too much about what I’m doing and Illasmasqua smashed it with these palettes.

illamasqua eyeshadow 2 illamasqua eyeshadow

What are your favourite Illamasqua products?

Illamasqua haul


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