Homemade soaps from Pamper Kingdom

There’s nothing better than a good bar of soap. It’s a love that I get from my mum who is always easy to buy for; a bar of soap and she’s good to go. The only thing better than a good bar of soap is one that is homemade.

The Pamper Kingdom offers homemade soaps in a range of flavours with everything from toffee apple to hot chocolate and spicy orange (oh my goodness!).

I have quite a few allergies and sensitive skin but I was lucky enough to get my hands on three different flavours that were allergen free. This is something that I always struggle with, especially with homemade soaps, as often they contain almond oil because of the benefits it has on your skin. My skin only benefits from this oil in the way of a big old red rash!

The Pamper Kingdom offers a variety of allergen free soaps with loads of amazing flavours/scents so there’s a soap for everyone (typical sales pitch!).

I do sometimes find that homemade soaps can either be overly scented so that they’re actually quite sickly or the opposite and they don’t smell at all. However, you can tell that The Pamper Kingdom has a lot of experience and take the time to test different ingredients etc because the scents were beautiful.

Not only do the soaps look and smell amazing but they also lather up easily which again, is something that homemade soaps often don’t do.

What is your favourite soap scent?

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