Gymwear with Lapasa

Lately, I’ve been trying to get back in to the gym. This in itself is difficult because of my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Unfortunately, I’m not the toned type who works out on all of the machines without a bead of sweat. Nope…quite the opposite. I tend to go to the gym for a very lightweight exercise routine which is actually just physiotherapy. So, if I can’t feel the part, I want to at least look the part. As much as an overweight sweaty mess can!

This is where Lapasa comes in. I hate hate hate shopping for gym clothes. Is it just me or are they all designed for those who are size 6/8 (I am SO jealous of you!) and for us curvier girls, there’s nothing. That’s why, when Lapasa got in touch to see whether I’d be interested in a collaboration, I wasn’t entirely sure. I mean, how could I feature gym leggings that don’t go past my chunky thighs?

Never the less, I decided to give it a go and chose some items that I loved the look of. I went for the women’s hoodie in grey. Because, let’s be honest, we all love an oversized hoodie. When it arrived the first thing that struck me was the fleece lining. Oh my goodness, it is so warm and soft. Now, I have no excuse to complain about being cold in the gym when the air con is too cold again.

I also decided to order a couple of pairs of leggings. In the past, these are the item I’ve struggled with. I hate my legs. They’re chunky, they have cellulite and to be honest, I’d rather keep them as covered up as possible. This isn’t always easy in gym wear. I decided to order a pair of running tights with tummy control (urm, yes please!) as well as some 3/4 length running tights in a gorgeous burgundy colour. I have to admit, not only was I pleased with the fit of the leggings but I was more pleasantly surprised by the quality of the material. There’s nothing worse than a really thin material which shows all your lumps and bumps so the thicker material of these leggings are perfect.

I’ve been wearing these items to my physio appointments and my own physio in the gym and have been loving them. What’s your favourite item from the Lapasa range?


Lapasa gymwear - tights and hoodie