Gifts for the coffee lover in your life

My boyfriend is one of the hardest people in my life to shop for when it comes to Christmas. When he says he doesn’t want or need anything for Christmas, he really does mean it. This makes my job as chief Christmas shopping elf a little bit tricky. One thing that he does love and I know makes a successful present is anything coffee related.

This is why, when Coffee Gator got in touch and asked if I’d like to feature some products in the lead up to Christmas, I jumped at the chance. He loves good quality coffee and his day hasn’t started without a cup of the strong stuff. Just a heads up, don’t approach him before he’s had his coffee!

Not that I would know as I don’t drink it but apparently there’s a massive difference when it comes to instant coffee vs good quality coffee. Coffee Gator’s products help you to enjoy the good stuff from home, barista-style.

I was fortunate enough to be sent the pour over kettle which helps to make a smooth cup of coffee. The thermometer ensures that you don’t burn your coffee which apparently makes it taste very meh…Check me out, I’m officially a coffee expert.

With expensive coffee, it’s important to keep it fresh so that it doesn’t go off and end up being wasted. The canister has been designed to stop light or air coming in and destroying the coffee beans. AND you can even set a date on the top of the canister so that you can keep track of when the coffee expires.

Coffee Gator 1

Coffee gator 3

Coffee gator 2

*These products have been gifted to me however all views and opinions are my own (or Liam’s)