Food review : Wildwood

On Saturday, I headed over to Freeport, a local outlet shopping village in Braintree, for some shopping and a spot of lunch. Normally she. When we go to Freeport we end up having lunch at either Prezzo or Pizza Express but Wildwood has recently opened at the village.

It was Wildwood’s huge selection that appealed to us as well as the warm feeling that the restaurant gave us when we walked past. We decided to go in and we were greeted by a friendly waitress who showed us to a booth.

The staff were quick to see to us and we ordered our soft drinks and a jug of water. Unfortunately, the glasses were warm which is always something that bugs me but as it was a Saturday lunchtime I put this down to it being busy.

With a range of grills, pizzas and pasta as well as specials, making a decision on what to order wasn’t easy. We all shared some garlic bread for starters and ordered one rosemary and garlic bread and one mozzarella and garlic bread (without caramelised onions)…it was amazing. I’m a huge fan of garlic bread anyway but this garlic bread was on another level and the portions were huge. The garlic and rosemary bread was £4.40 and the mozzarella and garlic bread was £5.55 so fantastic value for money.

For mains, I ordered a cheese burger (completely plain because I’m super fussy) with fries. I regularly order a burger when out for lunch/dinner so I had plenty to compare to and this burger definitely didn’t disappoint. With loads of Monterey Jack cheese and a well cooked beef burger, it was delicious. The bun was a bit too soft for my liking but I know that this is just a personal preference as some people like a soft bun. The chips were lovely too with a hint of rosemary for extra taste, the only downside is that they weren’t particularly warm but because they tasted so good, I didn’t mind too much. This burger was £11.65 which for the size I do think is a lot but the quality was good and I expect that if I went during a quieter time for the restaurant, this meal would be even better.

Overall, we had an amazing meal and I would definitely go back to Wildwood next time I’m at Freeport especially as with such a great selection of food, I know there’s something for everybody to enjoy.