The cold weather is officially here which of course means, so is my eczema…yay (not). I’ve had eczema ever since I was born and it is something that I’ve struggled with year after year.

Over the years I’ve tried hundreds of different creams and treatments, and I’m not even exaggerating. I get eczema over the majority of my body with the worst being on my hands, arms, and forehead…the only places you see come winter!

Despite all of the different creams, both prescription and over the counter, as well as natural remedies I’ve not yet found a cream that doesn’t contain steroids and has worked. Unfortunately, although steroid cream helps best, there are lots of reasons why steroid cream isn’t so great including the fact it thins out your skin and can damage it further.

This is why when Dermalex got in touch and offered me the chance to review their steroid-free treatment I was really keen to do so. In all honesty, I didn’t really expect to see any results but I’ve gotten to the stage when there’s no harm in trying!

I’ve been using the Dermalex eczema treatment night and day for four weeks now and started using it at the first sign of eczema with the hope of getting to it before it got worse.

And the results are in *drumroll*…There has been a big change in my eczema compared to how it normally progresses each year. Don’t get me wrong, this treatment hasn’t changed my life as such and hasn’t completely cleared up my eczema. However, it’s definitely an improvement compared to previous years. Dermalex is working to help people manage their skin conditions, they don’t promise an overnight miracle cure and this is exactly what this treatment is doing. It’s helping me to manage my skin condition and hopefully will continue to help across winter.



*This treatment was gifted to me by Dermalex however, all opinions are my own.