Christmas Dinner with Hello Fresh

Since I’ve turned into someone who seems to enjoy cooking and baking, I thought it was only right to step up and help with cooking the Christmas dinner this year. My family goes all out with celebrating at Christmas and over the holidays I’m sure I’ll have plenty of Christmas dinners so if I mess anything up, I’m sure everyone will forgive me…I hope. Although, saying that thanks to Hello Fresh and its handy Christmas dinner guide I think I may have it all under control *fingers crossed*.

Hello Fresh has put together this handy step by step guide to show you how to perfectly cook every item of the meal. I always say that a Christmas dinner is pretty much a glorified Sunday roast. Personally, I don’t think that making a roast is hard. The difficult part is the timings and making sure that everything is ready at the same time. That’s where this guide comes in. Not only has Hello Fresh provided recipes to make the dinner taste the best is ever has but the guide also includes timings too. Based on serving the meal at 4pm, the guide includes the exact timings to start preparing, and cooking, dishes so that everything is ready to go at one time. If you don’t plan on eating at 4pm then fear not, just move the timings accordingly.

So, that’s the prep, cooking and serving sorted but of course, one thing you do need is the ingredients. Again, thanks to Hello Fresh, this can all done be done with ease, with a click of a button…literally. The Christmas box has every ingredient needed to make this year a festive foodie success!

Hello Fresh

Download the Christmas dinner guide here.

*This post is in partnership with Hello Fresh