As I write this, I am sitting on the sofa catching up on The Apprentice. It’s 3pm and I’ve only just got out of bed, had a bath and changed out of my pyjamas. There’s no denying that today, I have been well and truly lazy.

When we moved into our little house nearly six months ago, lazy Sundays were non-existent. Partly because we had so much to do on and around the house, but equally because I had such a strong feeling of guilt. Why should I be laying around whilst there’s washing up that needs to be done, a bathroom that needs to be cleaned and bed sheets that need to be changed?

It’s taken me a long time and a lot of work on myself to get to this stage where I no longer feel guilty. Right now, there’s a load of washing in the machine that needs to be put out, there’s a big pile of washing up and to be honest, the house could do with a bit of a tidy. But, today is about me. I went out last night, I am in chronic pain today and tonight is family time. All of the other things can wait.

If we don’t take the time for ourselves whether this is a lazy day, a pamper day or even a few hours spent exercising, we’re not truly looking after ourselves, are we?

Now, I’m off to go and make a cuppa and grab a slice of cake…happy Sunday!

What are your plans for today? How do you choose to spend your lazy days?

Lazy day

Getting a dog is a big commitment. Yes, their puppy eyes and endless cuddles may tell you different but in reality, they’re a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong, the work is so worth it but there’s a few things that you need to know/think about before getting a dog.

  1. Research breeds – Every dog breed is different. They all have different behaviours, habits and medical requirements. Some dogs need exercising a few times a day whereas some prefer to lounge around and sleep all day. Some breeds can eat regular dog food whereas some require a specific diet. All of this is so important and you need to make sure your lifestyle suits the breed. It can be easy to just go for the breed that look the cutest but trust me, you’ll wish you’d done your research beforehand.
  2. Your lifestyle – I’m really lucky as Coco is very low maintenance and although we walk her every day, she doesn’t actually need to be. She’d be just as happy chilling at home. We’re also lucky that my mum lives just five minutes down the road and checks in on Coco during the day to let her out for a wee, walk her, etc. If you work long hours and don’t have time to look after a dog properly then it’s not fair on the dog.
  3. Your location – Your location is so important when getting a dog. For example, if you live on the 10th floor of a block of flats, taking your dog out for a wee every hour or so is going to take a lot of effort. Realistically, is this something that you’re going to commit to? If you live in a busy town centre and can’t safely walk your dog unless you drive somewhere, are you really going to drive 20 minutes or so every day to walk your dog and 20 minutes to get home? If neither of these things put you off and you’re 100% sure you’ll stick to it then that’s not a problem but just think long and hard about it.
  4. Rehoming – There are so many dogs that need rehoming and there are so many organisations and charities that are on a mission to rehome these dogs. Before you go off and buy a tiny puppy just because it looks cute, research your local rehoming centres to see if they have any suitable dogs that you could help change the life of.

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I recently discovered Soy wax candles. I actually found out about these candles when looking at houses and the owner told me the possible dangers of normal wax candles and the chemicals they produce. To be honest, I haven’t yet taken the time to sit down and fully research this, however, I have taken the time to find out more about Soy wax candles. Additionally, I am still using normal wax candles I am just more aware of the different types.

As part of this journey, I have discovered a few different brands of candles and have even made some Soy wax candles of my own. One of these brands is Imogen’s LuxuriesI discovered Imogen’s Luxuries at a recent charity fair and the amazing sell of the reed diffusers and Soy wax candles instantly attracted me to the stall, and you know that I’m a sucker for a nice candle!

Imogen’s Luxuries had an amazing selection of different scents and it took me ages to decide on the product I wanted. But, in true autumn blogger style, I went for Apple Spice. I wish that our technology was so developed that you could smell the candle through your phone, laptop, or whatever device you’re reading this on because I kid you not, this is probably one of the nicest scents I’ve ever had in a candle. The scent automatically makes me feel cosy and I only need to have burnt the candle for 10 minutes or so for the smell to fill my entire home, and last for the next couple of hours.

Can we also talk about Imogen’s Luxuries’ packaging? It is so beautiful. It’s simple but completely catches your eye and because of the neutral colours is suitable for any room in the home. 1 Soy wax candles 2 Soy wax candles 3 Soy wax candles 4


If you read my recent Blogtober blog swap then you’ll know that I am a huge Halloween fan. Although I’m a total wimp when it comes to anything scary, I still love to celebrate so I thought I’d share the top five things to do in and around Essex this Halloween.

  1. Scaresville – Scaresville is a haunted village which mysteriously appears in the grounds of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk every autumn. It is one of Britain’s top scare attractions. There’s no venue like Scaresville and no comparable range of scares as to be encountered at Scaresville, a previous winner of a prestigious Screamie Award.”
  2. Cursed – ” With only adrenaline, and your so called friends by your side, prepare to meet some of the most evil creatures around, as you join the revolt, at the largest fright night experience in Essex. Cursed is Essex’s No. 1 Award-winning Halloween fright night experience, set in the eerie grounds of Wat Tyler Country Park, near Basildon. During the evening, you will pass through a series of scare mazes which are themed to disturb, distort and scare the living daylights out of you.”
  3. Pumpkin Patch – “We’ve been growing and harvesting pumpkins for years now and then one day we thought… why not open the farm up and let our customers pick their own perfect pumpkin directly from the field! So that is what we did and you loved it!  So why not join in the fun – all you need to do is put on your wellies and bring the whole family to the patch where you can walk through the mud and pick your very own pumpkin!”
  4. The Seance – “Brand New Attraction for 2017, The Seance – it is the UK’s First Panic Room Experience. It is a one-of-a-kind Scare Attraction where we challenge YOU to last the full duration without hitting the panic button! Open Year-Round, with extended opening hours during Halloween… it is located in the heart of Southend-on-Sea, Essex.”
  5. Ghost Walk, Hangmans Hill – “Previous guests during this bone chilling ghost walk, have reported being pushed, touched and have a feeling of being followed by unseen Spirits. Join us on the ghostly walk that is Hangman’s Hill – take part in a series of ghostly walks, tales and local legends. During the walk you will take in several stops to hear tales of ghosts, hauntings,local history and murder. This is then followed by a stop nearby the eerie cemetery and an area that was once the site of a grand house, said to be still haunted by the family and staff that once lived there. You will be taken on a walk through the woods to carry out a seance during which our Medium will then attempt to contact the spirits and energies of any ghosts that may be present. As the evening continues you will hear many other tales that include sightings of a troubled spirit who runs in front of passing cars glaring into the eyes of drivers before disappearing, the ghost of a dead girl who is said to have drowned near the Kings Oak Pub, the penny farthing ghost, a headless horsemen and much much more… “

Are you brave enough for any of this? How will you be spending Halloween?

Halloween Essex

Blogtober Day 9

Lately, I’ve rejoined my local gym as well as Weight Watchers with the aim to shift some pounds before my birthday in December. Blue Frog offers a range of gym projects including sweat towels. I was sent the Sport Towel Pro and was so excited when it arrived with this gorgeous pattern because even though I’m rubbish in the gym, at least now I can look the part!

The Sport Towel Pro has two zipped pockets which are perfect for your phone and keys whilst you’re working out. In the past I’ve been known to leave my keys on a machine and not realised until it was time to go so this is a total game changer for me.

With two different fabrics that make up the towel, one side can be used to wipe away your sweat and the other can be used to wipe down the gym machines. It sounds gross but it’s very handy!

The features don’t finish there. The towel also has an elasticated loop so that you can wrap it up and pop it in your gym bag or hang it from a machine so that it doesn’t have to go on the floor.

Blue Frog Blue Frog 1

*This product was gifted to me in exchange for a review however the thoughts and opinions are my own.