There’s nothing better than a good bar of soap. It’s a love that I get from my mum who is always easy to buy for; a bar of soap and she’s good to go. The only thing better than a good bar of soap is one that is homemade.

The Pamper Kingdom offers homemade soaps in a range of flavours with everything from toffee apple to hot chocolate and spicy orange (oh my goodness!).

I have quite a few allergies and sensitive skin but I was lucky enough to get my hands on three different flavours that were allergen free. This is something that I always struggle with, especially with homemade soaps, as often they contain almond oil because of the benefits it has on your skin. My skin only benefits from this oil in the way of a big old red rash!

The Pamper Kingdom offers a variety of allergen free soaps with loads of amazing flavours/scents so there’s a soap for everyone (typical sales pitch!).

I do sometimes find that homemade soaps can either be overly scented so that they’re actually quite sickly or the opposite and they don’t smell at all. However, you can tell that The Pamper Kingdom has a lot of experience and take the time to test different ingredients etc because the scents were beautiful.

Not only do the soaps look and smell amazing but they also lather up easily which again, is something that homemade soaps often don’t do.

What is your favourite soap scent?

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If you read my recent Blogtober blog swap then you’ll know that I am a huge Halloween fan. Although I’m a total wimp when it comes to anything scary, I still love to celebrate so I thought I’d share the top five things to do in and around Essex this Halloween.

  1. Scaresville – Scaresville is a haunted village which mysteriously appears in the grounds of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk every autumn. It is one of Britain’s top scare attractions. There’s no venue like Scaresville and no comparable range of scares as to be encountered at Scaresville, a previous winner of a prestigious Screamie Award.”
  2. Cursed – ” With only adrenaline, and your so called friends by your side, prepare to meet some of the most evil creatures around, as you join the revolt, at the largest fright night experience in Essex. Cursed is Essex’s No. 1 Award-winning Halloween fright night experience, set in the eerie grounds of Wat Tyler Country Park, near Basildon. During the evening, you will pass through a series of scare mazes which are themed to disturb, distort and scare the living daylights out of you.”
  3. Pumpkin Patch – “We’ve been growing and harvesting pumpkins for years now and then one day we thought… why not open the farm up and let our customers pick their own perfect pumpkin directly from the field! So that is what we did and you loved it!  So why not join in the fun – all you need to do is put on your wellies and bring the whole family to the patch where you can walk through the mud and pick your very own pumpkin!”
  4. The Seance – “Brand New Attraction for 2017, The Seance – it is the UK’s First Panic Room Experience. It is a one-of-a-kind Scare Attraction where we challenge YOU to last the full duration without hitting the panic button! Open Year-Round, with extended opening hours during Halloween… it is located in the heart of Southend-on-Sea, Essex.”
  5. Ghost Walk, Hangmans Hill – “Previous guests during this bone chilling ghost walk, have reported being pushed, touched and have a feeling of being followed by unseen Spirits. Join us on the ghostly walk that is Hangman’s Hill – take part in a series of ghostly walks, tales and local legends. During the walk you will take in several stops to hear tales of ghosts, hauntings,local history and murder. This is then followed by a stop nearby the eerie cemetery and an area that was once the site of a grand house, said to be still haunted by the family and staff that once lived there. You will be taken on a walk through the woods to carry out a seance during which our Medium will then attempt to contact the spirits and energies of any ghosts that may be present. As the evening continues you will hear many other tales that include sightings of a troubled spirit who runs in front of passing cars glaring into the eyes of drivers before disappearing, the ghost of a dead girl who is said to have drowned near the Kings Oak Pub, the penny farthing ghost, a headless horsemen and much much more… “

Are you brave enough for any of this? How will you be spending Halloween?

Halloween Essex

Is it just me or is finding the perfect foundation the hardest task ever? I have tried so many foundations over the year, I’ve fallen in love with many and I’ve fallen out of love with many too.

When I’ve found a product I love the formula either changes, it gets discontinued or my skin just decides to throw a tantrum and decide it’s no longer compatible with the foundation. The latter is what happened recently so off I went again, on the hunt for the perfect foundation.

I had heard sooo many amazing things about the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation but had never got round to trying it…until now!

I always go for medium coverage which is buildable for day or night which is something that attracted me to this foundation. That, and the fact that it claims to have a 24-hour lasting power.

It’s been two months since I’ve been using the Double Wear foundation now and I’m still yet to decide if it’s going to be my forever foundation but my feelings have definitely been positive. When Estee Lauder claimed that the Double Wear had the power to last 24 hours, they weren’t kidding. You know when you get to the end of a long day and remove your make-up and the foundation is pretty much non-existent? It’s the opposite with this product. In fact, I’m pretty sure there’s still as much left on as when I put it on that morning.

Another thing that I love is that a little really does go a long way. I don’t like heavy coverage with my make-up, it just doesn’t suit me, and at first I just couldn’t get on with this foundation as it seemed so heavy. It turns out, I was just putting too much on. I know, I know, you’re wondering how I didn’t realise sooner? I was literally putting on a normal amount but as soon as I reduced this it was the perfect finish.

The only small downside to this foundation is that it can leave my skin feeling quite dry so moisturising before you put it on is so important. I think the reason it feels so dry is because it is designed to last a long time and therefore needs to be. To me, this is a small price to pay for a long lasting foundation!

You can purchase the Double Wear Foundation here.

What’s your go-to foundation?

Double Wear

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Blogtober day 10

Warning…rant ahead!

Over the past month or so, you may have noticed that I’ve been blogging more, tweeting more and Instagramming more. During this time, I’ve noticed a few things about the blogging community and one of these is dishonesty and gameplaying when it comes to social media.

Over the past month or so, you may have noticed that I’ve been blogging more, tweeting more and Instagramming more. During this time, I’ve noticed a few things about the blogging community and one of these is dishonesty and gameplaying when it comes to social media.

Don’t get me wrong, I care about social numbers as much as the next person. We all know that the higher social following, the more blogging opportunities come your way. Readership and views still matter but the social media stats are the big boys now, they’re the make or break.

However, as much as I would love to wake up and have gained 171833 followers across my social media platforms, there is no way I wouldn’t do this in an authentic way. From spending more time on social media, it has opened my eyes to how many people are buying their followers, some of these being the ‘big bloggers’ that I’ve gone to for inspiration. How are the rest of us even supposed to compare to those who are gaining thousands of followers a day without even posting for just a small sum of money a month…it’s impossible!

Another thing that seems to have become somewhat of a trend is the whole follow and unfollow game. In case you’re unsure how this goes…you follow an account until they follow you back and then you unfollow them once you’ve lured them in. How do I know this you ask? I’ve had countless emails from fellow bloggers who have grown their own social following in this way and are now offering this as a service. Not only this but I’ve so many people do it to me. I’m constantly gaining 10 followers and then losing 10.

When I first started writing this I hadn’t intended it to be a rant, in fact this started off as a post on how to find the motivation in blogging. However, once I started I just couldn’t stop so I apologise however this is something that I feel passionately about. To me, blogging isn’t just about having somewhere to write, it’s also about the community. There are so many amazing bloggers who spend hours every day working on fantastic content for their blog and social media and I feel like those who are ‘cheating’ are totally disrespecting us other bloggers as well as their followers who are being misled.

What do you think about social media and blogging? Do you think buying followers and following/unfollowing is dishonest?




Blogtober day 6 

As part of Blogtober, myself and the lovely Sophie from Sophie Rose decided to do an Autumnal themed Q&A for each other.

1. What is one of your fondest memories of autumn time?

One of my fondest memories of Autumn has to be going to the fireworks when I was a little girl with my dad. I had a bobble hat that I would wear every year that we called the ‘firework hat’ and it’s such a lovely memory for me.

2. What’s your favorite fashion style this season?

I’m a total jumper girl; roll neck, chunky knit, jumper dress…you name it, I’ve got it. You can’t beat a cosy jumper with a nice pair of boots. Although…this year I need to invest in some new boots and there’s so many that I’ve got my eye on!

3. A few tips for staying healthy this autumn?

With the cold weather, it can be so easy to lack motivation to eat healthy or work out. One of my tips would be to invest in a slow cooker. There’s so many healthy and easy recipes that you can pop in the slow cooker that are ready for you when you get home from work.

4. What’s your go-to skin care as the weather gets a bit colder?

Moisturiser and lots of it. Autumn is when my skin starts to totally dry out so I have to seriously up my skincare game to ensure that it doesn’t get noticeably dry.

5. Do you have a go-to make style for autumn?

You can not beat berry and copper shades in the autumn. I love a brown or berry lip with berry or copper eyeshadows…I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

6. Three things you like about autumn? 

This is a tricky one as there’s so much!

  • The outfits – Give me all the chunky jumpers and bobbly hats
  • The cosy nights – Autumn is the perfect excuse to have a night in rather than going out. Catch up with the girls over a glass of wine and a takeaway without even having to leave your front door…perfect!

7. What does Halloween mean to you?

As strange as it may sound, Halloween is a family occasion for me. Every year we all have a party together. To me, it means family time and an excuse to have a party.

8. What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?

This year is actually the first year I won’t be dressing up as it’s also the first year we won’t be having a party. Instead, I’ll be going with family to local Scare attraction, Scaresville.

9. Do you decorate your house all out for the occasion?

This is our first year in our own home so I’m still undecided on this. I’d like to at least get a pumpkin to pop by the front door!

If you liked my Blogtober Blog Swap, head over to Sophie’s blog to read her Q&A here.