Blogtober #1 – October’s Goals

This month, I’ve decided to take part in the blogger challenge, Blogtober. I feel like I am finally back into the swing of blogging and I’m feeling super motivated. So, now is a better time than any to take part.

With this motivation for blogging, has also come a motivation to get things done. This is why, for my first Blogtober post, I’m sharing my October goals.

My theory is that if I share these goals on my blog and across social media I will feel more determined to complete them. I will check in at the end of the month to provide an update on how I’ve got on.

1 – Take part in, and complete, Blogtober

2 – Improve my photography for the blog

3 – Reach 1,000 Twitter followers

4 – Reach 500 Instagram followers

5 – Lose seven pounds with Weight Watchers and get back on track

6 – Go to the gym at least twice a week

7 – Start my Christmas shopping

8 – Get the dining room ready for Christmas dinner parties and stop being indecisive on colour schemes!

9 – Catch up with at least two old friends

10 – Film more vlogs

What are your goals for October? Let me know in the comments.





  1. Annabelle
    October 1, 2017 / 7:41 pm

    These seem like fairly reasonable goals, don’t see why you can’t complete them all! I’m not taking part in blogtober – I was going to but just couldn’t get myself sorted in time – but for October, I plan to:
    – Get myself a job
    – Start planning content for November
    – Have a proper pamper session atleast once a week

    I’m sure I’ll come up with a few more as the days go by 🙂

    Belle |

  2. October 1, 2017 / 11:48 pm

    First off, good for you doing Blogtober! I decided to pass on it this year but I’m so excited to read what everyone else writes about!

    One of my goals for October is to try & eat healthier because I literally eat like a toddler!