Is blogger guilt a thing?

At the start of October, I set myself some goals. Number one on this list of goals is to take part, and complete, Blogtober. I’ve failed.

It was all going swimmingly until this week. I’m on annual leave this week and I’ve tried to fit in as much as I can on my week off which means I’ve not had much time to sit down and get my blog on (cringe). I was doing so well and had uploaded a post every day, I’d got them all scheduled and ready to go but this week, that hasn’t happened.

When I realised I hadn’t posted for two days and had failed the challenge I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and failure. However, I wasn’t feeling guilty because I thought my readers would care, or even notice, it was a guilt I was feeling on my blog. It was as if I’d let myself down and not stuck to the challenge and I’d also let my blog down. But, can you really let a website down?

This got me thinking, is blogger guilt a thing? Do we all put a little too much pressure on ourselves to consistently deliver when it comes to blogging. Is the world going to end if we don’t tweet five times a day, every day? Nope. Is it going to end if we have a week off from blogging? Nope. Is Instagram going to crash if we don’t post a story during the day? Nope. The worst that could happen from all of these scenarios is that we lose a few followers. But, stuff it, I’m losing and gaining them whether I post or not!

So where has this pressure come from? Is it a pressure on myself to always deliver and stick to my word? Probably. Is it a pressure to keep up with others in the community? Probably. Is it a completely unnecessary emotion? Probably.

So, instead of putting the pressure on myself, I’ve decided to call Blogtober a day. Don’t get me wrong, I still have lots of content that I want to share but I want to do it in my own time. Nobody wants to read a half-arsed attempt at a blog post and I don’t want to post a half-arsed attempt either. I want to produce content that I’m proud of and for me to rush this, with little inspiration or time, I’m not doing that.

Right, I’m off to enjoy the last few days of my week off without any kind of guilt!