Beating the January blues

January is one of my favourite months. For me, it’s the time for fresh starts and is the time of year that I feel most determined and motivated. With a new year ahead of me, I love the opportunity to set myself goals and make plans for the upcoming months. These are the same reasons that I love Mondays…weird, I know.

However, I can totally understand why some people find themselves feeling low. After an exciting couple of months leading up to Christmas and then time off spent with friends and family, I get why January can be difficult. So, I’ve collated 10 ways to beat the January blues.

1. Book a holiday – I know January can be a tough month financially and your bank account might be looking a little bit sad but nowadays, you can pay as little as a £99 deposit to confirm your holiday. If you know a holiday isn’t in your 2018 budget then book something else. Whether it’s a weekend away, a day out or even just a nice meal, having something to look forward to will make January seem a lot less blue.

2. Take some me time – As much as I love Christmas, it’s a very busy and intense time. Take the time in January to do something that you love for yourself. This could be anything from a spa day or shopping trip to a quiet night in with your favourite film and your bestie. The important thing is to relax and do what you love.

3. Exercise – Now, I am not a huge fan of exercising. In fact, I actually dislike it. However, it’s a known fact that when you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins. And what do these endorphins do? They make us happy. So, as much as you hate the idea of going to the gym, you’ll be pleased you did afterwards.

4. Rest – With January often being a quieter month socially it’s time to embrace the chance to catch up on sleep, enjoy the nights in and fully rest…gimme’ all the bubble baths please.

January - Hit the sheets coffee scrub

January - Happiness in a bottle facial oil


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