It’s a real bugbear of mine that in school we’re taught about the periodic table, algebra and what causes an earthquake but we’re not taught valuable life lessons such as how to get a job or a mortgage. When it came to buying a house, I knew nothing, my parents haven’t bought a house in 19 years and a lot has changed since then so we had a lot to figure out.

Here are 5 things I wish I’d known before I started looking at houses:

1.There’s no limit on how many houses you can view – If there’s 10 or even 15 houses on the market that you love then view them all because even if you don’t like any of them, you’ll begin to get an idea on what you do/don’t like and can start limiting your search down.

2. Do your research – An estate agent’s job is to sell you a house so as much as they’ll enjoy telling you all of the perks of the property, they won’t be so keen to tell you anything else so it’s down to you to do your own research. Whether this be to find out if the road is noisy, parking’s a nightmare or if your neighbour has a loud dog that barks all night; this is all things that you need to find out for yourself.

3. Register your interest – If like I was, you find yourself scrolling through Rightmove everyday waiting for new properties to be uploaded then make sure you’ve registered your interest with your local estate agents. You can specify to an estate agent exactly what you’re looking for and your budget and they’ll send you properties that fit this criteria 48 hours before they are uploaded to Rightmove so that you can have the first chance to organise a viewing/put an offer in.

4. Pictures don’t tell the full story – Life would be easy if all was as it first seemed and house buying is the same. The pictures uploaded to Rightmove have been done to paint the house in the best light possible so don’t be disheartened if the house doesn’t look as it did in the pictures when you go to view it.

5. Stay positive – It’s really rubbish when you feel like you’ve looked at loads of properties and not loved any of them but stay positive, your perfect house will come along.

* Image taken from Google