After buying a house and moving out from my parent’s home back in June, I’ve developed a love for baking and cooking. One thing that I’ve realised I love cooking is a roast dinner. But, when I do a roast, I do it properly and I go big, even it’s just me and Liam that I’m cooking for. I’m talking crispy roast potatoes, loads of stuffing, yorkshire puddings, honey roasted vegetables, normal vegetables and meat. Oh, and a dessert of course. Now, I don’t think that a roast is a difficult meal to cook. Once you’ve mastered the timings, you’re good to go. However, one thing that I do find hard is fitting it all in. With our kitchen being on the smaller side we can only fit in a double oven which is what has inspired me to look at the combination microwave oven by Panasonic.

Although we’re not hosting Christmas day here, we do have family over to celebrate the start of the festive activities on Christmas Eve and how I’ll fit everything in the oven at once has been stressing me out a little bit as I’m planning on doing a roast/Christmas dinner. Because, can you ever really have too many Christmas dinners? Nope. I’d heard of a combination microwave oven before but hadn’t ever really given them much thought. Mainly because I’ve never needed to before now and overnight I’ve turned into an adult who actually enjoys looking at things like this. Anyway, back to the point, the combination microwave oven can cook pretty much anything from roast pork to roast potatoes which takes the stress out of living with a single oven and cooking for a whole bunch of people.

Not only can the combination microwave oven by Panasonic cook a Christmas dinner but it also retains vitamins in the food whilst doing so and therefore keeping meals healthier. That’s definitely an excuse to pig out on loads of desserts…right? Oh, and if you’re looking to make a dessert with in the combination microwave oven too, you can and there’s a whole selection of recipes for this here. Not that I’m trying to encourage you to eat your body weight in food this Christmas or anything like that (I totally am).

Panasonic Roast Potatoes

*This post has been sponsored by Panasonic. All images have been taken from The Ideas Kitchen.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to get myself into the habit of a daily skincare routine. My skin is a funny old thing. Some days it’s horribly dry, some days I wake up with a face full of spots and unfortunately, there’s no happy medium. In an attempt to solve this and have the beautifully clear skin that my 13 year old self had, I’ve invested in some skincare items from Clinique including the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Cream.

Cleanser always tends to dry my skin out and I’ve really struggled to find a moisturiser that doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. That is until I discovered Moisture Surge.

This cream is a gel which means that unlike most moisturisers, the greasy feeling is non-existent. It feels amazing on your skin from application and leaves an almost matte feeling on the skin and trust me, it feels great. I have to admit, the £34 price tag left me feeling a little apprehensive, especially with Christmas shopping underway and my bank account feeling sorry for itself. However, this product is genuinely such a game changer that I will happily pay £34 again, and again, and again.

After application, my skin feels so soft all day. Like, legit until I wash my face again in the evening. I know, I know, it does sound unbelievable but I’m telling the truth. I’ve been raving about this product to everybody I know since I started using it and it takes a lot for me to love a product that much.

Moisture Surge 1 Moisture Surge 2 Moisture Surge 3

Yes, Black Friday may not be for a few days but we’re already well in the midst of the offers and shopping madness. With just over a month to go until Christmas day, Black Friday is a better day than any to crack on with your Christmas shopping. So, being the lovely person that I am, I’ve collated the best of the Black Friday deals so that you can find your way straight to the best offers.

The Bodyshop Bundle of dreams – From Monday 20 November at 9am, The Body Shop is offering the most amazing Black Friday bundle for only £35. The products individually would normally cost a total of £92 and their amazing. A list of what’s included is below. Oh, and delivery is free!


  • Coconut body butter (200ml), normally £15
  • Vitamin E night cream (50ml), normally £14
  • Vitamin E moisture cream (50ml), normally £13
  • Hemp hand protector (100ml), normally £12
  • Smoky Eye definer (1g), normally £9
  • White Musk body mist (100ml), normally £8.50
  • Coconut body scrub (50ml), normally £6
  • Coconut shower cream (250ml), normally £5
  • Coconut lip butter (10ml), normally £4.50
  • The Body Shop ‘bag for life’, normally £5

The Amazon sale of everything-ness – Running from now until midnight on 26 November, Amazon is well and truly embracing Black Friday. With everything from discounted Ted Baker shoes for men and women to pine furniture and pet accessories, as cliche as it sounds, there really is something for everybody.

Let’s not forget about Argos too – Is it just me or has Argos become a bit of a forgotten retailer? With so many department stores, toy stores and homeware stores popping up, have we all forgotten about the trust Argos store and it’s hefty catalogue of delights. This Black Friday, similarly to Amazon, Argos has Black Friday deals for everybody. These offers run for 14 full days so for the early birds, start shopping now!

The good stuff from Debenhams – I love Debenhams at Christmas time and I can spend hours in there finding the perfect presents. In fact, I did exactly that this weekend. Although Debenhams hasn’t released its Black Friday offers just yet, the brand has hinted that the offers are set to be good’ns. Don’t let us down Debenhams. Offers start on Monday 20 November and you can sign up online to receive email updates ahead of the launch.

Look Fantastic this festive season – This is another brand that have got us all on the edge of our seats waiting to find out what offers and discounts they’re going to spoil us with. Keeping us in the dark (get it? Black Friday? in the dark?), all that we know about the Look Fantastic discount day is that it’s on 24 November and offers will include products from brands including FOREO, ghd, Eve Lom, ELEMIS, Caudalie and Kérastase. Join the waiting list to be the first in the know!

All things beautiful with Amara – To celebrate Black Friday, Amara is offering up to 50% off from now on everything from homeware to clothing and gifts. After a quick peek at the offers page, there’s some amazing offers taking place including some perfect bits for Christmas including dining sets for the Christmas table and watches for your loved ones.

Half price happiness with Matalan – Another retailer that has started the celebrations early is Matalan. With up to half price off everything including clothing and homeware there’s some fab deals to be had.

Keep checking back over the next few days to stay up to date with the best Black Friday offers.

My boyfriend is one of the hardest people in my life to shop for when it comes to Christmas. When he says he doesn’t want or need anything for Christmas, he really does mean it. This makes my job as chief Christmas shopping elf a little bit tricky. One thing that he does love and I know makes a successful present is anything coffee related.

This is why, when Coffee Gator got in touch and asked if I’d like to feature some products in the lead up to Christmas, I jumped at the chance. He loves good quality coffee and his day hasn’t started without a cup of the strong stuff. Just a heads up, don’t approach him before he’s had his coffee!

Not that I would know as I don’t drink it but apparently there’s a massive difference when it comes to instant coffee vs good quality coffee. Coffee Gator’s products help you to enjoy the good stuff from home, barista-style.

I was fortunate enough to be sent the pour over kettle which helps to make a smooth cup of coffee. The thermometer ensures that you don’t burn your coffee which apparently makes it taste very meh…Check me out, I’m officially a coffee expert.

With expensive coffee, it’s important to keep it fresh so that it doesn’t go off and end up being wasted. The canister has been designed to stop light or air coming in and destroying the coffee beans. AND you can even set a date on the top of the canister so that you can keep track of when the coffee expires.

Coffee Gator 1

Coffee gator 3

Coffee gator 2

*These products have been gifted to me however all views and opinions are my own (or Liam’s)

I love Christmas. I love the decorating, the food, the drink, the shopping, the films…everything! I normally start Christmas shopping at the beginning of September so that I’m pretty much finished by December and I can fully immerse myself in the Christmas festivities…God, I’m a loser!

This year is slightly different. What with buying a house this year and everything else, Christmas shopping hasn’t been priority. It’s mid-November and I still have a lot to do…eeek! I know, I know, I’ve still got plenty of time but this control freak over here is starting to panic.

I really need to get myself organised and this is where my new friend Wakelet is going to come in. Wakelet is an online app which allows you to save links from anywhere from the internet and store them in one place, in short it’s an online shopping addict’s heaven. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen somebody tweet something I love and then not be able to find the original tweet when it comes to shopping time. With Wakelet, this isn’t a problem because you can even save tweets.

Not only is there an app for your phone where you can keep it all handy but you can even add a browser extension to your computer so that it’s super easy to keep track of any links that you want to save. Trust me, this technology is exactly what I need to restore calmness in my Christmas bubble!

Wakelet Christmas Shopping Screenshot

*This post has been sponsored by Wakelet.