I love love love Italian food, probably because I rely on carbs to get me through the day…oops! Recently, I visited Olio On The Green in Writtle, Essex for a friend’s 21st birthday. I’d never been before but I’d heard good things.

When we arrived we started with bread, of course. It was perfect to soak up the tequila shots we’d had to start with (it was a celebration after all) and it tasted amazing too. I always find that bread is very hit or miss and because I’m such a bread lover. It has to be fluffy but crispy too to tick my boxes and Olio’s bread was b-e-a-utiful.

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more adventurous with my food and what I order. So, instead of going for spaghetti bolognese that I always go for I went for Pollo Alla Milanese – Chicken breast in bread crumbs served with spaghetti Pomodoro.

I expected this dish to come out with small bits of chicken already sliced. However, it was a full chicken breast which was huge! The dish was amazing and so filling. The portion was huge and I couldn’t finish it all as I’d already been eyeing up the dessert menu so needed to save room. There was so many different flavours in the dish and they all worked perfectly. It was one of those dishes that you find yourself craving weeks later.

For dessert, I had chocolate profiteroles. The profiteroles were unlike the normal profiteroles and instead of being covered with a dark chocolate, they were coated in chocolate mousse, and lots of it! The profiteroles were larger than usual and filled with a delicious cream. The mousse was a pleasant surprise as I didn’t think I’d like it but I was proved wrong. My only small change would be that there was a little too much mousse however this wasn’t a problem as I scooped some off.

Overall, the meal at Olio On The Green was amazing all round and I can’t recommend it enough.

What is your favourite Italian dish?


We’ve now been in our new home for nearly four months and in that time we’ve completely redone and completed the lounge, bedroom and bathroom. Next on the list is the dining room! As well as this being a space that we can host dinner parties I also want to dedicate part of the room as an office for when I am blogging and need the right office furniture for it.

I’ve been really struggling to find the perfect office furniture which will fit the aesthetic of the room as well as have enough space and support my back properly due to my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Calibre Furniture is a modern office furniture suppliers offering a range of office desks and comfortable office chairs…exactly what I am looking for.

Unlike most office suppliers Calibre Furniture offers office furniture that looks great but is also super functional too. I’ve pulled together a few tips on what to look for when choosing your perfect office furniture:

1 – Does it fit the job? For example, if you know you need lots of paperwork etc does it have draw space so that your desk doesn’t always look cluttered?

2 – Is it suitable for back pain/joint pain? For me, this is a really important part of choosing furniture and is integral when making my decision.

3 – Does it suit the room? As this desk will be for my home, I don’t want it to look like I’ve taken it from a local office. Therefore, it’s important that the desk, and chair, both fit the aesthetic of my home.

Calibre Furniture has shared some tips for productivity in the office, take a look.



Calibre 1 Calibre 2

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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may notice that last week we jetted off to Crete for a last-minute short holiday. This year, we had agreed that because we had bought the house we weren’t going to go on any holidays…who were we kidding? I am a total holiday lover and I need at least one a year to fully worship the sun and relax.

This was our first holiday just the two of us as in the past we’ve always been away with family members or friends so we had already planned to have a super chilled one. However, neither of us had fully expected it to be as relaxing as it was.

We booked to go to an all-inclusive hotel which had plenty of pools, a couple of local beaches and nearby waterparks etc. Before we went we had planned to go and visit all of these but that didn’t happen. Instead, we literally spent every day sunbathing by the pool, drinking cocktails and leaving the sunbed only to eat and it was pure bliss.

Although this may seem like a boring holiday for some, for us it was so needed. After months of working on the house evenings and weekends we both realised how much we needed it and also how important it is moving forward to book holidays like this again.Crete 1 Crete 2 Crete 3 Crete 4 Crete 5 Crete 6 Crete 7

With winter fast approaching, the evenings getting darker and the mornings getting colder, the last thing that anybody wants is to get into a car that won’t start or to break down on the side of the road. But, how can you make sure that you’ve taken the right steps to ensure that your car will be by your side this winter?

I have to admit, I am not the best at looking after my car when it comes to regular cleaning. However, I do know how important it is to maintain my car to make sure that it doesn’t let me down. And, believe it or not, this is easier said than done. Here’s a few tips that you can do:


  1. Tyres – Tyres are such an important part of your safety when driving your car and it’s so important that these are regularly checked, and replaced if they need to be. If you are looking for new tyres then you can easily book tyres in Dundee online at Fife Autocentre.
  2. Oil – Your engine oil is intergral to the car driving and running smoothly. Therefore, you should check your oil regularly and top this up if required. This can be checked by lifting the bonnet and measuring the oil using the dipstick. Your dipstick will indicate the safe level of the oil.
  3. Window wash – This is my favourite tip as it’s one I can easily do myself and is one I do regularly. Obviously it’s important that you can see clearly through your windscreen in order to drive safely and with muddy puddles in the roads your screen can get very dirty. Similarly to the engine oil, you can easily top up this with a screen wash by lifting the bonnet.
  4. Petrol – This may seem like I’m teaching you to suck eggs. I’m not! It can be so easy to let your petrol run low and not worry about it until the light is flashing which is normally fine. However, nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a rescue truck because their petrol has run out when this is an easy mistake to avoid.
  5. Lights – With the dark nights starting earlier and the dark mornings lasting longer, not to mention the foggy days it’s so important that your lights are all working well. Check these regularly and if any lights are not working or look duller than usual then I urge you to get these serviced/replaced!


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I love jewellery and I truly believe that you can never have too much. This is why, when Nude Jewellery got in touch to ask if I would be happy to feature one of their bespoke, handmade pieces I jumped at the chance.

Nude Jewellery offers a range of bespoke, handmade jewellery including everything from necklaces to engagement rings, that is available to purchase online as well as order so that your piece is unique. How lovely that you can have a completely unique engagement ring or an unusual engagement ring which suits you or your partner perfectly.

I ordered the Vanilla Links Triple Link Silver Handmade Necklace because my current everyday necklace is quite chunky and I was after something more delicate and dainty. It arrived in beautiful packaging including a little bag which had been packaged in the box so that it wasn’t at all squashed or damaged which is always a bonus.

The necklace is absolutely beautiful and pictures don’t fully do it justice because you can’t tell how high the quality is. As well as the pendant being stunning, the chain is also slightly thicker than a typical delicate necklace which I love because in the past I’ve had these chains and they’ve always ended up broken.

All of Nude Jewellery’s pieces are handmade and designed by the Founder Nikki and it is clear to see from my necklace just how much attention is paid to the details and the quality.

Naked Jewellery

*This necklace was gifted in exchange for a feature