Washing your hair can seem like a real chore. The shampooing, conditioning, brushing, drying and styling can seem like a lengthy task but it’s something that we all have to do. Being born into a family of hairdressers, and previously training as a hairdresser myself, I understand the importance of a good wash. Therefore, I’ve shared my tips to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your routine.

  1. Choose the right products – I can not stress the importance of choosing the right shampoo and conditioning products for your hair. Always spend a bit of time when choosing your products and think about what your hair truly needs. For example, if you have coloured hair then you don’t want to use cleansing shampoo. It’ll slowly but surely wash the colour out and leave you with a faded colour.
  2. Shampoo, and shampoo again – Did you know that to ensure that you have super clean hair you should shampoo twice? During the first round, the shampoo is lifting the dirt and it isn’t until the second round that the dirt, oils and grease are actually being washed away and leaving your locks gloriously clean.
  3. Condition the ends – The scalp does not need conditioning so focus your conditioning time on the ends, the part that often needs the most love. Once you’ve applied the conditioner, comb it through with a wide comb to stop your hair from breaking and to ensure the conditioner is covering everywhere.
  4. Massage your scalp – Whilst washing your hair, massage your scalp. This includes both fast and slow movements to stimulate the scalp and help to keep it in tip top condition.
  5. Finish with a cold rinse – Whilst washing your hair, warm water is key to open up the cuticles and ensure that the products are getting right in. However, to end your routine, rinse with cold water to close these cuticles. It’s not a particularly pleasant part of the process but no pain, no gain and all that!

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I’m writing this post whilst taking a break from an evening of packing for our first home. Before tonight, I didn’t realise quite how much stuff we had. Just as a heads up, it’s a lot. As the house we’re buying isn’t huge, we’re having to have a good sort out to decide what we actually need. Therefore, I wanted to share my top five tips for decluttering.

As the house we’re buying isn’t huge, we’re having to have a good sort out to decide what we actually need. It’s taking so much longer than I expected it to but as we’re moving in two weeks today and we’re away next weekend, it’s time to get a wriggle on.

Therefore, as an excuse to take a break, I wanted to share my top three tips for decluttering:

  • Use the three-month rule – Have you used or worn this item in the past three months? Nope? Then get rid of it.
  • Donate to charity – Is the item in good condition but not receiving the love that it deserves from you? Donate it to charity for somebody else to enjoy whilst also helping to raise funds for a worthy charity too.
  • Do you love it? – Sometimes, we have to be ruthless when decluttering. As much as I love holding onto that dress I wore on a night out, I know that I won’t wear it again and sometimes that’s a sign that it’s time to get rid of it…

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Ahead of tonight’s finale of the three-part BBC drama, Three Girls; I wanted to share this blog post to help raise awareness of the show and the reality behind it. In case you haven’t been watched it, this show started on Tuesday 16 May and is being shown on BBC One every night from Tuesday 16 May until Thursday 18 May at 9pm.

It’s very rare that I feel so passionately about a TV show as I do Three Girls. However, Three Girls is different. This drama follows the harrowing real-life story of three girls that were victims of a child sex grooming ring that was active in Rochdale between 2008-2012. These three girls, are just three of the 200 victims that were a part of the organised sex ring of men who groomed young girls to have sex in exchange for alcohol, cigarettes, small amounts of money or lifts in their ‘taxis’.

The drama follows Holly, who realised that something was wrong with what was happening and went to the police. Not only did they not believe her, but both Holly and her family were then threatened by a member of the ‘gang’ that had previously raped her. I can not even begin to imagine what these girls were going through and to then be let down by the police and child protection is awful.

The reason that I have decided to write this post is not only to raise awareness of these sex rings, it is to raise awareness to support the victims too. As shown on the show, these young girls will often either be unaware that what is happening is wrong or will be too scared to tell anybody due to threats, embarrassment and even being accused of lying.

Unfortunately, the reality is that things like this do happen in the real world and as well as raising awareness within the general public, I think that this show also needs to be shown to students in secondary schools and colleges. Students of that age are those who are being targeted, who are young and think that the ‘benefits’ they are offered are cool and don’t realise that what is happening isn’t okay.

I urge everybody to watch Three Girls if you haven’t already. You can find all of the episodes here.  In addition to watching these episodes, please help to spread the word with friends and family as the more people that watch this drama and are exposed to the truth, the better. Hopefully, by everybody sharing the show with others, awareness can be raised and this happening can be prevented.

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